Hospitable Rome: 5 Best Districts For Staying

Hospitable Rome: 5 Best Districts For Staying

Rome is an amazing, magnificent, unique and just a fabulous city. Being one of the greatest Italian destinations, it has a great popularity and attracts lots of visitors from all over the world. Unfortunately, the most common question among those who decide to set off to Rome is how to find a suitable accommodation and avoid the excessive charges? Well, for your convenience we’ve divided Italy’s capital into several districts, so now you can easily choose the most suitable location to stay during your vacation…

Roma Termini Railway Station

Termini Station is cheapest district of Rome in terms of lodging. It attracts tourists with the incredible selection of the hotels and with its convenient location: such sights as the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, the Roman Baths and the Basilica are situated very close to it. In addition, this district is a paradise for shopaholics. On both sides of Piazza Venezia and Via Nazionale you’ll find numerous boutiques of the world-known brands. Actually, at first Termini may seem a perfect option for you, but don’t rush to book a hotel in this area of ​​Rome, because it has its own disadvantages.

Rome, Streets - 592

As in any major city, the place near the railway station is usually noisy and sometimes dirty. However, if you’re not embarrassed by this fact, Roma Termini district is a good choice for you. And one more thing that should be considered when booking a hotel is where the window of your bedroom is located. It will be much better if faces the yard side. Of course, don’t forget to read the visitors’ reviews before booking.

Trastvere district

Recently, Trastevere is the “number one” choice among Rome’s visitors. The hotels are not very cheap there:  an average price is 80-100 Euros per night. It’s located far from the city historical center but tourists adore these neighborhoods for the true Italian spirit. Narrow streets, closely spaced low-rise houses, cozy restaurants and pizzerias allow you to feel a unique atmosphere. Trastevere district looks like a small provincial town. If the historical center is the “heart” of Rome, Trastvere can be called its “soul.”

It is believedthat the food inthe localrestaurantsis cookedaccording to the old classicrecipes. That’s why you can taste therethe most deliciouspizza and pasta of the whole Italian capital.


This district is famous for such interesting spots as Castel Sant’Angelo, the Borghese Gallery, the Janiculum, the Spanish Steps, Piazza del Poppolo and of course, Vatican. Surprisingly, you can find lots of low-cost hotels there. In addition, there is a nice chance to find a cheap room with an incredible view of the Vatican gardens.


It’s recommended to search for the apartments which are located in the quiet backstreets near the Vatican cathedral. The hotels between Castel Sant’Angelo and St. Peter’s Cathedral are apparently not the best option because this area is noisy, crowded, and the prices are quite high there.

Vatican is located away from the airports and Termini Station. If you like shopping, “Coin” department store and “Billa” supermarket are at your disposal.

Roma Historical Center

This is the most convenient district of Rome where all the major attractions are concentrated: the Pantheon, the Colosseum, Roman Forum, Spanish Steps, Piazza Venezia, Piazza Navona, Trevi Fountain and much more. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about transportation there – all the sights are located very closely and you can reach them on foot.

Historical center of Rome is also a very pleasant place to walk in the evening, when the buildings are illuminated with the millions of fantastic lights. On Via del Corso, Via Barberini and Via Vittoria you can enjoy an incredible and affordable shopping. The most expensive and famous boutiques are located around the Plaza de Espana.

Piazza Repubblica II

The approximate price range for accommodation in the historical center is 120 – 1000 Euros per night. A small apartment with a minimum of facilities will cost you from 130 Euros per night. In general, it’s not the most cost-effective city location for those who want to save up some money.

EUR District

EUR - Rome

This is a nice, quiet and the cheapest part of Rome in terms of money spent for lodging, so you can find there a worthy standard room at the very attractive rate. Generally, EUR district is considered to be quite a prestigious place, but actually it’s a beautiful business district with quiet neighborhoods and affordable restaurants. The most serious drawback of this place is a great distance to all Rome’s major attractions. However, if you want to save your budget, you can reserve accommodation there and additionally rent a car in Rome to avoid any transportation problems during your trip.

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