Why Is My SEO Strategy Not Working?

The sustainability of your SEO plan should be a big priority. Marketing is an investment and it has to bore fruit otherwise it has to be abandoned altogether. If you are spending marketing dollars it’s only fair if you see the results after some time. But of course, this may not always be the case. There are so many companies that have invested a lot of money in SEO and failed to see any fruits. This can be a huge disappointment and be considering just how competitive the digital landscape is, a few failures in digital marketing could wipe your market share completely. There is nothing wrong though with making a few mistakes in digital marketing. Even big successful companies do and the most important thing is to learn so that such mistakes are not repeated. So, why is your digital marketing campaign not working as you had thought? Here are some possible answers:

Why Is My SEO Strategy Not Working?


When you decide to take a certain direction in marketing you have to be consistent with it. Marketing takes time before results are seen and you cannot afford to jump from one ship to the next just to play safe. If for example, you have decided to target a younger demographic using a new ad campaign on Facebook, do not stop just because there is no any response after a few months. Keep at it for a little bit longer and you will start to see some changes. The most important thing in marketing is building momentum and if you start slow and move slowly forward, it’s well and good.


The money needed in digital marketing should be available at all times. While it is understandable that sometimes many small companies may lack the required capital to spend a lot of money in digital marketing, it is important to allocate a reasonable budget if indeed you want to see results. The best way forward is to look at marketing as an integral part of your business. Remember you cannot survive without selling and you cannot sell without a market. This means that your survival depends on how good you market and spending more money to achieve your marketing goals is pretty much understandable.

Poor Tracking

Marketing should be monitored and evaluated on a regular basis. There are many opportunities for learning in monitoring and evaluation of marketing. This is why you have to track the progress you are making while identifying successes and failures. If you are able to identify failure early, it becomes easy for you to fix it moving forward. Evaluating the SEO strategy as you implement it helps you to optimize it based on the marketing needs you have. This will give you a better chance of meeting all your goals in the long run.

Failure in SEO is a very common thing but what matters is how you respond after that. If you want an audit of your SEO plan done talk to beet.se and see how they can help you.

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