The Tricks To Grab Reservation During The Peak Travel Season

The Tricks To Grab Reservation During The Peak Travel Season

It is no secret that traveling around holiday season which is also the peak travel season is more headache than it is fun. You are constantly looking for the best and cheapest options but they are pretty hard to come by in the time everyone is trying to get from one place to the other. Every reservation, be it a plane reservation, a hotel reservation or a train reservation becomes an unnecessary headache which can be avoided if you follow the tricks down below next time you travel during the peak season.

Booking As Early As You Can

If you know in advance that you are going to travel next year to home or to your family for Eid, Diwali, Christmas or any of the other festivals which happen to be peak travel season, do not delay your booking. You can book your tickets early for trains and get your confirmed IRCTC train reservation way before your actual travel which will save you a lot of headache in the future. You can also look at some of the flight options well in advance and book one which has no cancellation fee so that if in future you get a better deal, you can cancel that and book the better deal. Else you already have a confirmed ticket and you can travel on the day that you are supposed to.

Avoid Booking For Popular Travel Days

Most of the people try to travel just before and just after a major holiday. This creates a major bottleneck and makes the prices shoot up and availability of tickets come down. What one can do to avoid such situations is to travel either a week or more before the travel season or travel on the day of the holiday. This serves two purposes as you won’t get crowds on the day of the holiday that you travel and you will also get cheaper prices for flights and hotels compared to any other day in the season. You can also book your IRCTC train reservation for the day of a major festival and can escape the huge rush that is experienced just before and after a major peak travel season. And if you are planning to go on a vacation during a major holiday, you can also check some of the offbeat travel destinations rather than going to the most popular ones as the popular ones tend to be mostly overcrowded due to holidays and you are less likely to get a reservation than you are for an offbeat destination.

Use The Upgradation Trick

This is not a budget-friendly trip but it is one of those tips where you can say that the money spent is worth every penny. During the peak travel season, the business travelers do not travel as much. When this happens all the business class tickets for airlines or the first AC tickets in the trains don’t get filled up. This gives you the opportunity to snag those tickets and upgrade the class you are traveling in. This works especially well with airlines like Lufthansa which fly worldwide as they tend to slash the prices for their business class tickets in the peak travel season to make it more attractive to a normal economy flyer.

These booking tips work really well if you also consider your whole journey in advance and try looking at different options that are there while you are planning your next trip. Generally, booking on a weekday can also save you some money and is more likely to result in a confirmed booking than an unconfirmed one. So next time you want to travel in the peak season, pack lightly and try to book as early to avoid needless charges and headaches.