The Perfect Destination For Urban As Well As Traditional Cinematic Romance

The Perfect Destination For Urban As Well As Traditional Cinematic Romance

Romance is in the air! The maxim cannot be truer for any other place in India than Himachal Pradesh. The snow-covered mountain tops and the chilled air will want you to pull your partner closer and feel their warmth percolate through your soul. Himachal Pradesh is one of the few states that offer the perfect mix of urban as well as traditional cinematic romantic experiences living in thevicinity of each other.

Here, we shall discover three such locations that need to be a part of your Himachal tour package to make it a wholesome experience of traditional and modern-day romance.

The Perfect Destination For Urban As Well As Traditional Cinematic Romance


Chandigarh is one of the most modern-day cities in theworld. However, the best part about visiting this city is experiencing the traditional Punjabi culture wrapped in a brand-new package that offers a surreal honeymoon experience. Chandigarh caters to the needs of avid shoppers as well as romantic couples who just want to relax for a short time after a long hectic big fat Indian wedding. Some of the places that you must visit while in Chandigarh include the Sukhna Lake, Rock Garden, Rose Garden, as well as Pinjore Gardens. This place is not only suitable for newly-wed romantic couples but also perfect for couples with young kids since it offers achance to explore several amusement parks.


No place in India can beat the heat like Shimla. The most clichéd and classic honeymoon destination has been a part of every romantic couple’s bucket list. The perfect time to visit Shimla is during the early months of autumn when the weather is just perfect to soothe your soul. If you time your journey perfectly, you might also get the chance to discover the beautiful snowfall of Shimla.


Dalhousie is a place that is away from modern civilization in a homely fashion. You can visit Dalhousie almost any time of the year to find pleasant people and pleasant weather. Hold hands with your partner while walking besides the GobindSagar Lake one fine evening and let the sunset mesmerise you. Do not forget to explore the wide variety of handicraft items that can serve the purpose of a memento of your love for generations to come.


In Hinduism, Manu was said to have survived a great flood that destroyed the rest of the world. He then recreated mankind in this Kullu Valley town. What a rush, huh? No wonder the towering peaks and verdant terrain of Manali attracts adventure travelers, with heli-skiing, hiking, mountaineering and river rafting the favored active pursuits.

Come down from your endorphin high by breathing deeply at the four-story, wooden Hidimba Devi Temple, which sits in the middle of a nearby deciduous forest, or take a medicinal soak in the hot springs burbling from the ground a 30-minute walk from town.

So the next time you have two weeks or more to explore a state, you can go and discover the magnificence of Himachal Pradesh that contains these three locations as primary tourist spots.

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