Tech Family? 3 Tips For A Safer Move

Tech Family? 3 Tips For A Safer Move

Moving into a new home can create a lot of new exciting opportunities in your life, but it will also be a very stressful and challenging time. Packing up an entire house takes a lot longer than most people realize, which forces you to rush everything to make sure you are ready in time. Rushing the packing process is only going to lead to important items getting broken or lost during the move. While a few broken dishes may not be a problem, the same can’t be said for your expensive technology. These are three great tips to safely move when you have a house full of electronics.

Tech Family? 3 Tips For A Safer Move

Protect The Televisions

The best way to move flat screen television and computer monitors is by placing them in the original boxes, but very few people actually hold on to these boxes. If you do not have the original box, then you need to find another box big enough to fit the television. You will then want to cover the screen with several towels before wrapping the entire thing in lots of bubble wrap. You can never be too safe when moving a large television, so do not be afraid to go overboard on the protection pads and tape.

Do Not Neglect The Computers

Since all of the tiny parts in a computer are susceptible to damage when you are moving, you need to make sure to backup all of your files. Replacing a computer may be difficult, but it will be nearly impossible to recover any lost files. Backing up the files to the cloud is probably the best option because a removable hard drive can easily get lost during a move. Pack the computer the same way you would a television. Just make sure to remove all of the cables and put them in a separate box.

Hire A Professional Moving Company

Safely packing your technology is an important job, so you may be better off hiring professionals, like those at Bekins Van Lines Inc. They have the experience and expertise needed to ensure all of your electronics arrive at your new home safe. Hiring professionals will also eliminate a lot of stress from your life by giving you more time to focus on everything else associated with your move.

Your homeowners insurance may not cover items damaged in the move. This makes it vitally important to ensure you are moving your tech items as safely as possible. Buying a new home is expensive, so do not add a new television or computer to your expenses. Use the tips above to help you move your technology as safely as possible.