Kiddy Vacation: Best UAE Emirates To Live With Kids

Kiddy Vacation: Best UAE Emirates To Live With Kids

Your positive impressions about UAE start right here, in the plane. If you chose the UAE company for flight, your opinion must be positive! Such local airlines as Emirates or Etihad always take care of their passengers. You feel like a special guest. The comfortable chairs, soft blankets, pillows, individual monitors with lot of different games and films, special food for kids and their toys, free alcohol and alcohol-free drinks, individual menu are waiting for you on the board. The planes are new and safe.

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7 Reasons to Visit Emirates with Kids

First of all, the climate is very warm and pleasant here, especially in spring and autumn. The sea is especially attractive for swimming.

Secondly, the country is famous of its safety rules and tourists care. It is the highest level!

Thirdly, there are many world-famous hotel chains that offer the high touristic service.

Fourthly, there are many big super markets in Emirates, where you can buy all you need for your kids.

Fifthly, all airlines are baby-friendly to offer a lot of interesting attractions and privileges for their baby clients: special seats, baby beds, priority service and pleasant surprises like toys, books.

Sixthly, medical service in the country is also at a high level. That is why you should buy tours just when the medical insurance is includes. Don’t worry of your kids’ health, then.

Seventhly, UAE is a country of the water parks, aquariums, attractions for young visitors. There are also many impressive festivals in summer.

TOP City Regions to Stay with Kids

Speaking about the emotions that you can get from the country, you may feel differently. From one hand, you can see the high and top-high skyscrapers, modern infrastructure, unusual projects in form of palm islands, elegant decorations. From the other hand, you can see poor greenery, people, wearing the long dresses and strict rules and limitations. So, the regions that you are recommended to visit are Dubai, Abu-Dhabi and Fujairah.


What can you say about Dubai? It is better to come and see the unique combination of high tech development, city infrastructure and the oldest Arabian traditions with your own eyes. This unique combination makes the Dubai world strange and individual. It’s like you see the beautiful Arabian girl dressed in a long strict dress. She is carrying the package from Agent Provacateur – the most impressive and expensive sexy underwear! What a confusing fact!

Of course, shopping is very important part of Dubai life. There is a big shopping mall – Dubai Mall that is situated close to the highest tower of the world – Burj Halifa. It is very pleasant to walk here. What is more, you can go shopping here with you kids anytime at any weather. There is a big choice of souvenirs, furniture items, clothes. Never forget to visit street market to buy something aromatic. The city is full of the biggest foreign banks and corporations, conference centers and ritzy hotels. The choice of hotels is really impressive. Try to find any of them as they all are good for families with kids.

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As you know, Dubai is not the most money-spending and rich region. The resources of Dubai are miserable compering with Abu-Dhabi. Just hire a car in Abu-Dhabi airport and go to see the region (good car is an important component of having nice trip in Abu-Dhabi). Of course, the city is not as impressive as Dubai is. Nevertheless, look attentively! You also know that the most of people come to Abu-Dhabi in business, official visits or Formula 1 attractions.

One way or another, you can take your kids to Abu-Dhabi. Family tourism is growing up rapidly here. The brightest example of it is the beautiful island with the white sand – Saadiyat. This island looks like a piece of the national zone, where the turtles often come to lay their eggs in safe. The locals take care of their nature. Nevertheless, you can see a big number of the ritzy hotels that are good for the whole family. What a unique combination! The hotels, built up in the nature, are especially good for kids. The best of them are:

Hilton Abu Dhabi 5

The St Regis Saadiyat Island Resort 5

Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi 5

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Fujairah is the longest emirate from the Dubai airport. It is situated about 180 kilometers far from it. Of course, the destination is long, but you can use Air Arabia services to the airport of Sharjah. Everything is not bad. Nevertheless, the hotels of the region offer all inclusive services. This is the greatest opportunity to spend your time for more or less adequate price. Staying in the hotel of Fujairah you can swim in the water if Indian Ocean. S, the most recommended hotels for your bright vacation are:

Miramar Al Aqah Beach Resort 5

Fujairah Rotana Resort & Spa 5

Hilton Fujairah 5

Le Meridien Al Aqah Beach Resort 5

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This region is not as rich as Abu Dhabi or Dubai. Of course, it is also not very bright and interesting. Nevertheless, if you are going to spend time with your kids, the region like this must be the safest place to have rest. It is prohibited to sell and use alcohol here in the public places. What is more, Sharjah is the only one emirate, where the corporal punishment is still applied. Of course, no one wants to be punished. So, everything is in order here.

There are many special rules to keep, even in the hotel, especially women. Thus, women wear strict clothes with the long sleeves and long skirt. You cannot drink alcohol even in the hotel. People try to be on their best behavior. What is more, there are only democratic prices here, the lowest in the country. These low prices and high service always attract tourists and their families! This emirate is a unique combination of service, tasty aromatic food, friendly atmosphere, polite people and peaceful nights.

So, the top hotel to stay with kids in the region is Coral Beach Resort Sharjah.