6 Ways To Live A Longer Life

6 Ways To Live A Longer Life

The type exercises you choose that can play an important role in your lifespan. Healthy eating habits help to maintain a healthy life. Physical activity every day leads to less disability in old age. Adopt the following habits to maintain a healthy body.


Physical activity reduces stress,  This is a certain advantage, knowing that stress is harming, among other things, stress is one of the enemies in our life. Regular exercises help to maintain a healthy body. regularly to do your work, stand rather than sit down, walk as much as possible, choose stairs instead of the elevator.

Sleep well, but not too much

Sleep obviously allows the body to regenerate. Sleeping poorly or too little weakens our defense systems and lead to overweight and other illnesses. Therefore, it is essential to guarantee a good sleep hygiene.

Expose yourself to the Sunlight

Both by eating (fat or eggs) and exposing to the sun, you can get the good amount of vitamin D. helps to the good functioning of the nervous system, strengthening the skeleton and strengthening the immune system. It protects against various diseases: cancer, diabetes, depression, infections, psoriasis, plaque sclerosis… However, attention to sunlight, which promotes aging skin and cancer.

Eat Healthy

Especially you should eat with moderation, giving priority to foods with vitamin intake, good fats, antioxidants. Instead, avoid sugar and fat sweetened industrial products, limit meat and sausage consumption, optimize plant protein intake.

Control  your Body Weight

It is known that excess weight exposes us to the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes.  Keeping a stable weight daily is relatively simple, following some practical tips: eat slowly, do not take another serving and choose foods well.

Drink Water and Coffee

Hydration is essential for proper functioning of the body. The body is composed of 60% water and can lose up to one and a half days. hydration is very essential to human body. daily consumption of 2 to 3 liters water that help to get rid of toxic substances in your body, cleanse the liver. Coffee is a health asset, not at all negligible, especially due to its antioxidants and caffeine content.

According to several studies mentioned by the author, coffee can reduce the risk of diabetes, stroke, Alzheimer’s, or Parkinson’s. But doctor’s recommend consuming in reasonable quantities – three or four cups a day.

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