4 Home Interior Design Trends You Need To Follow In 2017!

4 Home Interior Design Trends You Need To Follow In 2017!

The interior of a house is a haven for those living there. Homes usually need a cozy interior, but also one that would impress those coming in from outside. This is why it is important to follow the latest interior design trends. An outdated interior could become monotonous and depressing very easily.

However, interior design could be difficult to figure out. It is also not the cheapest of trends to keep up with. Hence, we’ve compiled a few trends from the past year below which could help you transform your living space:

  1. ‘Out’ With The Plain, ‘In’ With The Colors

Interiors that are plain white, gray, or beige are not really trending anymore. Sure, they’re natural shades, but everyone needs some color in their life. Plus, decisions of any kind would always show up against beautiful shades of green, brown, or even black. This doesn’t mean you have to paint the whole roon in such heavy colors. One wall or two would be enough to radically change your surroundings.

The key here is not to be afraid of coloring your walls. Every home should have bright and cheerful interiors, especially in the fall and winter. Plus, painting a couple of walls wouldn’t break the bank.

  1. Marble Accessorizing

Let’s face it; marbled walls coupled with marble flooring are on their way out. So it’s time to tone down the marbling in every nook and corner, and go for a ‘less is more’ philosophy. Marble countertops and tiles are a classic, but be sure not to have matching walls or décor too close by them.

If you love marble elements in your house, though, you can have them! Some beautiful lamps with a marble base or a couple of vases would be an excellent and sophisticated choice. However, if you’re not too particular about this material, it’s better to go for the more earthy stuff. Wooden, clay and metal objects with a weathered look are among the trending items this year.

  1. Mixed Pieces

Everything matching is simply not the way to go. It is not only impractical, since some pieces simply would not go in every corner, but also monotonous. Even if you have a starting themes, such as a certain time period, don’t be too strict about it. Instead, mix and match whenever you can. just because they are from the same family of décor doesn’t mean they always go together.

For instance, a huge rocking chair could be a statement piece in a prominent corner of the living room. it could look very impressive with its dark mahogany and warm velvet cushions. However, having sofas and chairs to match this one piece is going to darken everything. Plus, it would take away attention from a truly gorgeous piece. Hence, it would be better to let the rocking chair have its own spot, and the other furniture more practical for everyday use.

  1. Home Will Be More Cozy

With the extremely busy lives we lead today, home is where we need to flop down and relax. Even if we work from home, like offering online dissertation help, we need to have our downtime.

However, cozying up the house just isn’t enough. There are simply too many devices distracting us at any given time. and no, lying down with your phone and constantly scrolling is not a way to unwind. In fact, it makes your body even more tired.

This is why modern homes are looking more and more towards having places to unplug. This could be achieved by draping of a corner or even just the bed. Make the sanctuary as beautiful as possible. Comfy chairs, cushions with deep colors, and soft rugs complete the nook. This could be a great place for disconnecting and simply enjoying yourself with a good old book.

Alternatively, it could be an excellent retreat for catching up when a friend comes over. Make it a rule to let no devices come into that special space. You’d be surprised at how much more you would enjoy yourself!


The above interior design trends are by no means set in stone. They are, however, a guideline to setting up your house in the best possible manner. The coming year, invest in a few good pieces of home décor and wow your guests with your good taste! At the same time, make sure you remain true to your own instincts and personality.

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