21ST Century Talent Management, Comes From Certifications

21ST Century Talent Management, Comes From Certifications

An undebatable topic perhaps, but it is required to be stated once and for all the importance of certifications in the present day scenario. The reason which is propelling the need for this mention is the fact that despite the exposure that those MOOCs have brought towards the industry, there is still a huge number of job-seekers who know little to nothing about credentialing. Take talent management for instance, the creation of an entirely unique yet connected function to its parent body, the human resource management.

If you ask an HR about the true importance and potential of a renowned credential, they would let you know exactly what they think of it. And by that we wish to indicate the laurels that they may go on to sing of the skills, which have helped them land a better paying designation in a greater company. Yet a widespread recent survey found that a good number of HRs think otherwise.

21ST Century Talent  Management, Comes  From Certifications

An industry leader was quoted as saying that when it comes to the role of talent management in human resource management, one should get their hands on as many certifications as possible. But that may not hold to be the case when speaking of professionals who are just beginning to step into the field. You see, a credential like a talent development certification is only bound to have some significance, when the job-seeker has some experience. This is where we draw the line. The traditional modes of education such those provided in the universities would never cease to exist & they really don’t have to. What is in fact required of them, is to tweak their mechanisms a little, so as to better prepare the students into being job-ready.

Those corporate employees who have better established themselves at the middle-level and will, let’s say in the next year or two be looking for a change in their surrounding find online certifications to be worth the hype. Take the case of such talent development certification in the name of a Senior Talent Practitioner, provided by the Talent Management Institute. The curriculum of this course, as with rest of the credentials, is at par with any other mid-level online/digital certification.

Turning a new leaf in ones’ career could only be made possible with the knowledge that is latest, trending and useful for the upcoming/evolving generation of businesses. Moreover, today’s enterprises are wary of the competitive advantage they could garner, if they opt for company-wide certifications.

A win-win situation for all, as the employer takes up the cost of equipping the workforce with all the professional artillery & the employees get to add the latest and most sort after digital badges to their profiles.

Long story cut short, the longer one waits to be promoted having the same age old skill-sets at work and doing nothing new, the greater will their disappointment be, on discovering the true power of online credentialing.