Planning A Holiday Trip At Muay Thai Gym In Thailand

Planning A Holiday Trip At Muay Thai Gym In Thailand

Thailand is the birth place and center for Muay Thai training, since the martial arts became popular since the early 19th century. Muay Thai is a popular martial arts combat sport, and it is known as the “art of the eight limbs” using the hands, elbows, knees and feet as points of contacts. In boxing, only two points of contact are used while in other mixed martial combat sports, just four contact points are used.

Muay Thai has its origin in Thailand, and this has increased the tourism attraction to this beautiful country, Thailand. Muay Thai can be traced back in the history of the country where it was a skill practiced by military combatants to defend their country. Muay Thai does not require any weapon, as the body is the weapon, and you are trained to use the various parts of the body to attack opponents and protect yourself. Muay Thai kickboxing has a regular tournament in Thailand, and it is under the Thailand Boxing Federation.

Planning A Holiday Trip At Muay Thai Gym In Thailand

There are lots of tourists who travel to Thailand to learn and practice Muay Thai, and they are so many Muay Thai training camps all over the country as a result. Looking to choose a Muay Thai training camp? Here are factors that you should consider in choosing a Muay Thai gym or camp for training.

·       The trainer and how experienced he is in the art of Muay Thai. The better the trainer is, the more popular the camp will be and there may be a waiting list which may make it difficult to get a session early enough.

·       The location of the Muay Thai camp is also important in choosing a training camp. It has to be close to your hotel and reachable by taxi or public transit.

·       Some people may also consider the atmosphere of the Muay Thai camp. Some camps are close to the sea or river, and some people may feel more relaxed and comfortable in such atmosphere.

·       Some people may consider the reviews from other visitors. Since the Internet provides an avenue to access reviews by visitors on some of the popular Muay Thai training camps.

Another reason tourist visit Thailand for Muay Thai training is the fitness and health benefits. Muay Thai has some very good health and mental fitness to the body, and this has seen its popularity grown over the world. Muay Thai required physically being fit and mental fitness to compete in this mix martial art sport. It requires constant movement, working on your muscles and mind, to be patient, calculating and endure pain threshold.

The following is some of the health benefits of Muay Thai and why it has become so popular outside of Thailand:

1.      Cardiovascular activities: Muay Thai required a lot of movement both in your upper and lower body, and this increasing your hearth rate, and you train and learn Muay Thai. This help to improve the cardiovascular activities in the body as the heart keeps pumping more blood around the body. It helps reduce the risk of heart-related diseases or infections.

2.      Weight loss: it keeps the body active and in a perfect physical shape, burning lots of calories as you train and practice Muay Thai.

3.      It increases Stamina: as you continue to practice Muay Thai, your body tolerance level begins to improve, and you can do more than you were used to in terms of exercising.

You can find a Muay Thai gym from internet . There are many Muay Thai camp in Phuket such as which have many Muay Thai courses and near the beautiful beach.

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