Marketing Automation Platform and The Future Of Marketing

We are all acquainted with the traditional marketing – print ads, newsletters, flyers, and billboards.These are the old methods, proven for years and used by many marketing specialists. Today, marketers can do things much faster. The marketing automation platform is changing the way marketers play the game.

Marketing Automation Platform and The Future Of MarketingNormally we call it marketing automation but what we do not know is how this software is actually used by both sales and marketing teams. These applications allow both automation and alignment of the process. Since this is the new face of marketing, many businesses are looking for the marketing automation software vendors that will help them boost the sales and improve the way they market their product. The giants in this industry – Marketo and HubSpot have proven how their systems work seamlessly across all business levels.

Choosing the right marketing automation platform can become a challenge but not if you know from the start what you want: if you completely understand how you want everything to be done and a particular timeline to reach your goal. The marketing automation software will not totally replace the traditional marketing. Instead, it will add value to the old methods while doing what it does best – market to the right audience at the right time.

What Are the Top Choices for a Marketing Automation Platform?

  • Marketo – if you’re the B2B type of business, this platform might be the right one for you. The modular design: marketing automation, consumer engagement marketing, real-time personalization, and marketing management will allow you to create specific solutions for your business. The end-result is a product that comes with a ‘personal touch’. Marketo team knows exactly that different company have different budget so you can always pick the package that is right for you.
  • HubSpot – B2C is the area where you are able to take advantage of HubSpot’s functionality. The features are almost the same as in Marketo,but this marketing automation platform has a more user-friendly interface. It is a lot simpler and when it comes to monitoring the marketing team, you can have a quick view using the dashboard.The layouts are more customizable compared to Marketo.
  • Pardot – caters to the same market as Marketo which is B2B. Bardot is a marketing funnel software created by Salesforce. Using it you have the guarantee that your business will be up-to-date in terms of systems innovation so you will stay ahead of the competition.

The right platform is the one that fits well into your business. Getting the most popular or the most expensive is not a guarantee of success. Remember, these are just platforms, and the people behind marketing are the ones responsible for ensuring that these systems are being used to the fullest of their ability. There is always the right fit, but there can never be the one that is perfect – keep this in mind.

A marketing automation platform requires an effective CRM integration. Without CRM, there can never be an effective marketing automation tool. The good news is that most of the CRM systems available, like Salesforce, for example,have open integration to both Marketo and HubSpot.

Scaling Your Business with Marketing Automation

  • In any type of business – growing and becoming successful is the number one goal. If you have tried the traditional marketing approach and the growth seems slower than you originally expected, then it is time for marketing automation to enter the scene.
  • Visualize the entire sales cycle – Having this knowledge will allow your company to release marketing content depending on where your customers are in the sales cycle. Are they ready to buy or they need more nurturing?
  • Data Analytics – which marketing initiatives produce the highest ROI? Reports from the marketing automation software will give you the data so you can determine the highs and lows of your business.
  • Sales and Marketing Alignment – marketing automation is slowly bridging the gap, the silo that has existed between Sales and Marketing.

Marketing is continuously evolving. The invention of the marketing automation platform is a proof that marketing is ready to adapt to the ever-changing market trends and demands. The discipline might be old but the technique is always presenting something new. If you have not yet adapted to the trend, maybe your time is now.

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