Fulfil Your Trekking Endeavours In Mumbai

Mumbai is the commercial capital of India and is buzzing with rush and so much of traffic. People are always tossing between their office deadlines or family duties. But amidst so much of hectic work and busy roads; there are many things that you can do for your rejuvenation and enjoyment. After all, when you work so hard, you deserve delight and enjoyment too.

Since it is so, what do you think about Trekking near Mumbai? Exactly, there are many spots around Mumbai that can give you a memorable and adventurous trekking time. Be it your weekends or a day offs, you can munch on such trekking trails. Even if you are not up for making all the arrangement for trekking, what you can do is, rely on different trekking events taking place around you. This way, you can enroll yourself in their trekking endeavours and all the arrangements will be made by them.

Prabalgad Fort

At a distance of nearly sixty one kilometres from Mumbai, Prabalgad Fort is snuggled between Matheran and Panvel. This place is scattered at a height of 2300 feet in the Western Ghats. This spot is one of the most stunning tiny forts in the state of Maharashtra and an amazing place to trek near Mumbai.

The Fort trek starts from base of hill that is about three kilometres from Vardoli village, which has road entree from Matheran. Both Prabalgad and Kalavantin are a leeway on Prabalmachi.The time you take to reach Prabalmachi is about an hour from Vardoli and trek is quite moderate.It is better if you take a good guide as the route is quite tricky and not really well patent. Anyhow, what may be the case; the trek will give you a lot of thrill, fun and good time.


It is the right place for you if you are seeking adventure and excitement. This is a lovely Trek in Vasai that is near Mumbai. The majestic waterfalls of Tungareshwar are at a height of around 2177 feet.In such a thick forest there are plenty of choices for trekking and nature buffs. So, if you have a weekend off or any day free, why not just dip in the thrill of this spot and relish a trekking ride packed with enthusiasm and fun?

At this spot, for most of trekkers the starting spot is highway junction. It is nearly a kilometre from base. At base you will find a forest check post.From this point starts the real thrill of trekking of Tungareshwar. After a three km trek and rambling through two streams, you get to the point of Lord Shiva temple.There are two treks from that place and you can pick any of them as per your preference. Whichever trek you pick, don’t forget that they are filled with excitement and thrill. So, carry your camera along and have a blissful time amidst these tricky treks.


So, what keeps you tossed when you have plenty of options for your trekking endeavours around Mumbai!

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