Best Places To Enjoy Chinese Food In Vancouver

The city of Vancouver is part of Canada. The city is ethnically diverse hence its tremendous growth. Restaurants can be considered the heartbeat of the city because you can rent a car in Vancouver and move around. What you will see is the high number of restaurants that exist in the city. From small chains to the well-known and sort out chains. This competition makes it more interesting to try out the food in these restaurants.

What the city of Vancouver is more popular for besides its real estate market is its Asian or Chinese population. The Asian population is growing rapidly therefore, this means that there will be more Asian orientated schools, businesses and restaurants. The Chinese population is the majority of this population as there are TV shows centered on this population, which are popular both in the city and in China. What you can observe is the high number of Chinese restaurants in the city. In every major street corner, you can smell the lovely aroma that essentially attracts you to the restaurant.

Chinese Restaurant

These restaurants are not meant for Chinese people only; anyone who loves food and wants to have a great experience is welcomed. Remember that these restaurants are also businesses, so if the business side of it is healthy and succeeding all is well. What this means is that customers are in love with these restaurants. What you can also observe is that the Chinese population or persons with Asian origin are more likely to visit these restaurants. You love the restaurants but what are some of the most popular and famous Chinese restaurants. These restaurants are:

Great Wall Mongolian BBQ

  1. Great Wall Mongolian BBQ

You will find the restaurant on Denman Street. With great food as its selling point, you need and must eat or visit the restaurant. All you can eat is their philosophy. You have an available array of food from noodles, meat and vegetables. It is considered a must visit place in Vancouver. - Orient London, Soho, London

  1. Tai One Restaurant

At 4th avenue, you can find this restaurant. By its name, you can tell that it is a Taiwanese restaurant. You expect quality food and service at such a restaurant and that is what you will get. What you will come out saying or having experienced is the impeccable service.

Critics' Choice Signature Dish Awards - Gold Award - Geoduck

  1. Landmark Hotpot House

You will find it on Cambie Street. Its uniqueness is that you cook your own meal in pots of hot broth; you are your own chef in a way.

HK BBQ Master

  1. HK BBQ Master

You will find it on Richmond and it is popular due to its barbecue. You might call it a barbecue restaurant worth trying.

  1. Yopo Café

A Homer street restaurant, the dishes are a delicacy for the local Chinese customer. The go to place and perfect place for a meal.

These restaurants are the backbone of Vancouver as they feed the population. What you should do is rent a car in Vancouver and have a go at one of these restaurants to experience the culture of Vancouver. These restaurants can be considered as a landmark to Vancouver.

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