5 Unusual Buildings To Visit In Toronto

Planning to take a tour in Toronto? Book your flight right away and visit the most unusual buildings in the city.

Toronto is considered as one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. It embraces nationalities from different countries with its amazing architecture, food, and transportation.

What are the most unusual and exquisite places to visit in Toronto? Take some time to visit certain buildings, as you’ll never regret them in your whole life as it is well known ever by a number of people who are much involved in this.

Art Gallery of Ontario

  1. Art Gallery of Ontario

Want to be inspired by your textile, real estate, or food business? Need to expand your insights about art and life?

The visit in this place is an excellent source of inspiration and an excellent value for money. The Art Gallery of Ontario takes pride of its display collections of Canadian art in different eras such as Renaissance and Baroque periods. The works of art displayed also include sculptures, photography collections, paintings, ship models, film and video art, historic or ancient objects, graphic art units, etc.

The Allan Lambert Galleria, Toronto

  1. Allan Lambert Hall

The famous hall is also known as the “crystal cathedral of commerce” in Canada. The complicated arched roof is a display of the country putting balance into art, engineering, and architecture. It is a canopy providing elegant and warm welcome to its locals and tourists.

The Globe and Mail Centre, at the north east corner of Front Street East and Berkeley Street

  1. Globe & Mail Centre

The Globe & Mail Centre stands tall and proud along the King Street East of Toronto, Canada. It is popular for its spacious venues for award shows, galas, lectures, product launches, media events, and many others.

The architectural design of the building is unique, modern, and astounding. The outer area seems to be perfectly created with vertical glass partitions. It can be easily distinguished from other buildings that surround it, which makes it the top choice as a tourist attraction.

Gooderham Building.

  1. The Gooderham Building

This is a historical red brick building located in Wellington Street East. It is has a narrow structural design, a French Gothic archway theme, and steep copper roof. It also has a mural that creates mobility or fluttering effect.

The building produces a romantic picturesque at night. In the middle of such tall, modern, and cosmopolitan buildings in Toronto, the Gooderham Building shines and speaks freedom, glory, and power for itself.

Old City Hall Tan Coloured

  1. Old City Hall

The design of this building is just breathtaking. It follows the Romanesque architecture of the past which features include heavy stone work, round arches, and square towers.

The Old City Hall boasts of its intricate ornamental stonework in front and its large oak doorways inside. The building will also welcome you with its delicate interior pillars, stairways, and exhibit cabinets.

How to feel comfortable when visiting the amazing buildings? The city offers various modes of transportation. You can also rent a car in Toronto, so you can visit every building at your own free time. Surely, you will enjoy the drive because the city is full of amazing sights. The people and culture around it give you the exact definition of living life to the fullest and enjoying everything you have.

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