Top Gorgeous North American Vacation Spots

Top Gorgeous North American Vacation Spots

America is a land of great beauty, but it is a diverse range of different terrains, climates, and surroundings. For many travelers, beauty comes down to their specific tastes for scenery. One person’s gorgeous spot may not be in the same taste for a different person. There are several destinations, however, that are just undeniably gorgeous and will be aesthetically pleasing to most travelers no matter their taste. For road trippers across the US looking to load up their RV rentals and hit the road to some truly gorgeous destinations, you will be best served to keep the following in mind.

Top Gorgeous North American Vacation Spots

Southern California

First of all, southern California enjoys temperate weather for most of the year so you can enjoy an endless summer on your trip no matter the month. Secondly, there are many miles of Pacific coastline stretching from the secluded surfer spots along Highway 101 to the crowded public beaches of Los Angeles and San Diego. Southern Cali has long been known to be an incredibly vibrant and diverse culture, featuring a significantly more laid back vibe than the rest of the country. With its palm trees, sunsets, and the golden Pacific Ocean, the southern end of California can be seen as one of the most gorgeous destinations in the US.

New Mexico

There is no terrain quite like New Mexico. With its expanses of desert, incredible rock formations, and snow caped mountain peaks, the terrain here is at once rugged and beautiful. New Mexico features some of the best hiking on offer in the country, complete with overlooks featuring vast vistas and sunsets that will boggle the mind. Even just the stars at night in these areas are enough to make you gasp. The region also features cool towns and cities such as Santa Fe, where art and culture thrive in this desert setting. The scenery of New Mexico will make a strong and everlasting imprint with any traveler.

The Pacific Northwest

Here you will find miles of lush, misty forest and incredible volcanic mountain ranges looming over colorful meadows. You will also have miles of northern Pacific coastline complete with wild, rocky beaches. And then there are the scenic, hip cities of Portland, Seattle, and more that are just as gorgeous in their own urban ways as the surrounding nature. Whether you wish to camp, hike, fish, or simply sit back and watch the truly beautiful scenery unfold, the Pacific Northwest is a truly unique and mythical terrain.

New England

There are many different aspects that make New England one of the top gorgeous travel destinations in America. First of all there are the many miles of dense, scenic forest stretching as far as the eye can see. There is the rugged, rocky terrain of many areas in the region, including massive mountains and jagged cliffs. There are also the lakes, the quaint little towns with their squares and old fashioned shops, and the rolling meadows of the southern region.

If you hit up New England in the fall you will be treated to one of the most majestic sights America has to offer, miles and miles of colorful foliage stretching in all directions. A drive through New England is a gorgeous journey like no other.


When it comes to beautiful terrains, you can’t go wrong along the Atlantic coast or the Gulf sides of Florida. Both coasts offer stunning water views, incredible sunsets, and native wildlife. Plus, both coasts have their share of lively cities and towns that are often just as visually appealing. No matter which coast you decide to drive, you can bet your eyes are in for some calming, subtropical sights.

Although these spots are considered some of the most gorgeous destinations, keep in mind that there are a great many appealing places to travel within North America. Choose the one that best suits you and hit the road as soon as possible.

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