How To Get Las Vegas Hotel Deals For Couples On A Honeymoon

The neon lights, massive hotels, and endless entertainment and fun make Las Vegas one of the best cities in the United States to spend your honeymoon. But after the wedding, you want to score cheaper rates for your honeymoon. Is it possible in Las Vegas? It is! Here are X ways on how to get Las Vegas hotels deals.

  1. Go during the “lean seasons”: Las Vegas doesn’t really have a significant lean season, so don’t expect hotel prices to dip very low here. However, there are periods when there are fewer people (although they can still number to hundreds of thousands). It usually happens during around the months of fall but before the holidays (that is, Christmas and New Year). It goes further down around January to February. You should avoid going here during major public holidays such as Christmas and Memorial Day. How about the days of the week? As expected, people come here in droves during the weekend, so try traveling from Mondays to Thursdays.
  1. Check out the offers: Let’s be clear: the likes of Venetian and the Caesar’s Palace are going to cost you a lot than other fabulous hotels in other cities in the United States. But you can still enjoy good discounts by as much as 30 percent of your stay’s price. How? Learn how to get Las Vegas hotel deals by checking out the Offers section. All major hotels have one. If you can’t get your hotel room inexpensively, then you can save money in other ways such as free access to exclusive amenities or discounts on dining and tours. Note, though, these offers almost always don’t last very long, so if they’re worth it, don’t hesitate to buy.
  1. Use comparison websites: Does it feel exhausting to check every hotel in Las Vegas for their price? Save yourself the hassle by using comparison websites such as Agoda or Booking. Just input your preferred dates, and the websites will generate a comprehensive list of hotels with rooms available during the period. You can then sort the list according to cheapest to lowest. These websites also have insider deals, which can also help you save more money.
  1. Stay in deluxe rooms: Is it true a stay in the Venetian will cost you as much as $10,000? Yes, it is, as well as the fact some rooms are actually $169 per night. The most affordable deluxe rooms in Caesar’s, meanwhile, are worth $150 per night, and you can already enjoy a 75-square-feet studio with all the bells and whistles.
  1. Stay farther from the Strip: The Strip is the almost-seven-kilometer stretch that features the most opulent Las Vegas hotels and entertainment. In other words, it’s the heart of the city, and as such, it is visited by millions every year. This also means it’s the costliest part of Las Vegas.

If you want to go cheap, try staying a bit farther from the Strip (also called off-strip hotels). You can find rooms that are no more than $125 per night. If you want to be somewhat closer, look for an accommodation either on the north or south but never within the Strip.

Do you now know how to get Las Vegas hotel deals? Hopefully, with these tips, you’ll have a grand time without breaking the bank.

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