How To Design A Coastal Themed Sunroom

How to Design a Coastal Themed Sunroom

Half of the fun in having a sunroom built is reaching the final design choices you make for that space. A coastal themed sunroom is perfect for those that love the beach and tropical environment but live far from the ocean. Below are a few great ideas for bringing the coastal look and feel to your new sunroom.

Brilliant and Blue

Bright colors added with a pastel blue backdrop will offer the real feel of the coast and beaches. Large pillows of yellow, beige and olive green bring a natural feel to the atmosphere. Add a few flowering plants that are colorful and taller plants that are tropical in look or feel. Your sunroom will be transformed into a relaxing oasis.

Wicker Furniture and Decor

Outdoor wicker furniture that is left natural or painted white gives off a true coastal vibe. Wicker loveseats, chairs, storage baskets and vases offer the perfect base for a tropical feel. Add comfortable cushions that are island themed. Strategic placement of long colorfully striped beach towels running on the back side of the loveseat or chair adds to the festive feel. Add a centerpiece basket of fruit like mangoes, bananas, and tangerines.

Water Pictures, Paintings, and Aquatic Figurines

Real framed images of lighthouses, sailboats, dolphins and brightly colored fish should be placed on available wall areas. Paintings will work if real images are too difficult to come by. You can also add figurines throughout the room of mermaids, whales, dolphins and all types of aquatic themes. Add a 10 or 20-gallon fish aquarium for an increased tropical feel. Place a table top relaxation waterfall. You can make the sunroom the most relaxing room in your house.

Sheer Curtains

The luxurious look of sheer curtains against the large windows of a sunroom will help complete the coastal look and feel. You can add colorful tie-backs to allow the full sunshine to access the room during the day. You can adjust the amounts of direct sunlight by closing a few of the sheer curtains, but leaving others tied open. Using full-length sheers that flow to the floor will make the room look much larger.

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