The Benefits Of Concrete Over Asphalt

A basic concrete driveway is about the same cost compared to an asphalt driveway, give or take a couple hundred pounds, and this alone might be the only thing stopping some homeowners from having a new driveway installed. However, concrete can last much longer and take much more use than asphalt, making it the most cost-effective long-term choice you could make for your next home improvement project. Concrete ready to mix and prepared right on site will ensure you never need to worry about a serious problem caused by the concrete setting too early in the truck, and should look better than asphalt in the long run.


On average, a concrete driveway will live ten years longer than an asphalt driveway, making it the more cost-effective option when you consider the simplicity of maintenance added to this fact. Once you take the time to complete your driveway, even if you install decorative aspects in the design, you will have saved money before you need to replace it. With asphalt driveways, potholes can develop during the 20 years of its lifespan, causing you to lose more of your money over time to repairs and maintenance.


Asphalt driveways require you to seal them once a year to keep the elements from breaking up and otherwise damaging the surface. Freeze and thaw cycles are especially damaging to asphalt if it is not properly sealed and kept protected, meaning you have more to deal with in terms of keeping your property looking great during poor weather conditions. Ready mix concrete in Hendon is not so picky in that you can have a professional lay it down, and then all you have to do is keep it clean over the course of its lifetime.

If you want your concrete to look the same as the day you installed it over the years, consider having it pressure washed every few years. This will remove any stains, stuck on substances such as chewing gum, and other problems that might detract from its otherwise beautiful appearance. Since pressure washing is not rough enough or powerful enough to cause damage to concrete, you can use this to clean without worrying about wearing your concrete surfaces down.


Concrete, unlike asphalt, can be dyed to nearly any colour and laid down to look absolutely spectacular, which will allow you to truly make your property stand out from those around it. If you have a family crest, a particular fondness for a certain colour, or just want your driveway to match the style and look of your whole property, it is possible for you to make that happen using concrete as your medium. It can also be formed into a wide range of structures around the home, including sidewalks, platforms, and much more so you can truly make the most of your property.

If you have a large piece of land, you could even create a path leading those through the best aspects of your property. With concrete, the options are limited only by your budget and imagination.

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