Successful Fast-Food Starters: TOP 7 Strange-Designed Restaurants In The World

There is nothing better than tasty eating! How about going to the unusual fast food restaurants? Do you go to the McDonald’s? Classic interior, traditional menu and friendly atmosphere attract people from all over the world. Nevertheless, fast food restaurants are able to surprise their guests. Their unusual location, interesting design, original menu and specific food traditions make the fast food restaurants popular all over the world. Thus, going to McDonald’s to eat your favorite hamburger, you must be ready to have your dinner in the plain cabin. Meet the most strange and unusual fast food restaurants that impress you the most.

McDonald’s in Taupo, New Zealand

The most famous restaurant chain is still McDonald’s. The restaurants of this chain are attractive and interesting. The classic McDonald’s can be found in the very city of our planet. The most original of them is situated in Taupo. The classic restaurant was opened more than 25 years ago in the usual boring building. The only one interesting feature of this building was DC-3, a plain that is situated near here.

McDonald’s in Taupo is more than 20 years old. The hotel owners decided to use old plane as a part of their restaurant interior. So, you have a great opportunity to eat tasty hamburgers and traditional French fries in the plane cabin. The old plane is colored in traditional restaurant colors. The plane interior consists of traditional red tables and big illuminators. It is important to remember that pilot cabin was renewed and reconstructed to look like the real cabin. You can get inside and sit on the pilot place. It must be exciting.

McDonald's Douglas DC-3C-S1C3G; ZK-CAW@ Taupo;25.07.2012/663aq

McDonald’s in Chicago, USA

You are welcomed to visit very much original McDonald’s in Chicago. It is very popular for rock-and-roll lovers. The restaurant was opened in 1983. It is something special between the modern restaurant and museum. You can see the mass of interesting interior objects connected with the rock-and-roll theme. You can see a lot of musical instruments of popular musicians, their costumes, Elvis Presley’s retro-car.

McDonald’s in Barstow, USA

American city Barstow has its own symbol – McDonald’s restaurant, stylized as an old railway station. The restaurant is located on the territory of old railway station that is not used as a transport measure now. It does not work since 1955. The dining halls are situated inside the train wagons. The central restaurant hall is located in the building of the old railway station that is renewed and modernized.

Burger King in Buenos-Aires, Argentina

The lovers of Burger King restaurants are welcomed to visit Buenos Aires. One of the most unusual restaurants is situated right here. It is popular because it is located in the unique historical building with old interior. The dining zones occupy two stores of the building. They are equipped with elegant furniture. You can see old marble columns, broad stairs, painted walls and ceiling.

Burger King Signs

Starbucks in Dubai, UAE

Hire a car in Dubai and go to see Starbucks. The restaurants of this chain are very popular all over the world for coffee lovers. You have a chance to visit one of the world popular coffee restaurants that is situated on the territory of a colorful Persian city district, not far from the Sheikh Zayed Road. The cafe is located on the first floor of a big shopping mall – Ibn Battuta Mall. It is the most popular lux building in the city.

The tables of the restaurant are situated in the roomy space in the dining hall of high ceiling. There are many vintage lamps decorated in Persian style. Mosaic walls, wooden decorations, stylish design furniture make Starbucks one of the best visiting restaurants in the city for locals and tourists. You know, the most of people come to visit this cafe not only for enjoying coffee and desserts. The part of the cafe territory is occupied by the big shop, where you can buy different sorts of coffee.

The first cafes of this chain were opened in the 70th of the last century. Coffee from Starbucks became very popular. The first cafe in the Middle East was opened in 1991. The cafe chain counts more than 16 000 eating establishments from 48 countries of the world. Thus, you do not have to go and find fashionable restaurant for dibber but enjoy tasty coffee in the elegant atmosphere right here in Starbucks.

Fancy ceiling above Starbuck's at Ibn Battuta mall

Alkatraz in Tokyo, Japan

The restaurants of Alkatraz chain are very popular in Japan. They are decorated in the prison style. If you come in, you have to learn the restaurant rules first. You are taken the finger-prints and change your closes to dress the prison robe. It looks strange but interesting. The restaurant hall is decorated like the city prison.

Pret a Manger in London, Great Britain

The fast food cafes of Pret a Manger are very popular in Great Britain. The visiting card of them is triangle sandwiches. If you do not like fast food restaurants, you will be impressed. The most of restaurant followers keep healthy diet. The first cafe was opened in London in 1986. It welcomes visitors for more than 30 years to be the city attraction. This cafe is good alternative to the traditional fast food restaurants. The concept of it is fresh and healthy food. The products for sandwiches and salads are fresh. You may also buy fruits and enjoy fresh juice. No harm and no food additives!


Fresh soups, salads, traditional porridge and yogurts – this is traditional food for healthy diet. You can find it in the cafe. The choice of healthy dishes is wide. One more thing, you can comfortable eat on the go! If you buy food to take off, you can save your money a lot. If you are in London, you have to visit this amazing cafe that keeps their old and useful traditions from the moment of opening. What is your favorite fast food restaurant? Is it as much impressive as any from the list below?

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