Recruiting Bots

Forms of artificial intelligence are all around us. It could be possible that forms of this software will enter the departments of Human Resources in the future, in order to assist companies with the hiring process. Is it possible for AI to handle not only the screening of resumes, but also the entire recruiting process?

Well known brands, such as CNN, are already attempting to integrate rudimentary AI into their daily workflow, mostly in the form of chatbots. Since 2010, Human Resource departments have been able to almost double the amount of applications they can process because of improved software additions. Here are some viewpoints on this up and coming process to consider.

Removing Bias

While it could be argued that artificial intelligence is not a good judge of character, it can also be said that the way human’s judge others is heavily biased anyway. Even popular companies such as Google run into this issue on a constant basis. Recruiter bots could lend a huge hand in this matter. Machines have the ability to be impartial regarding a candidate’s background, gender, or anything else that may inspire bias. They can also remove biased information from an application, making it easier for an applicant’s useful qualities to float to the top.

When tuned correctly, a recruitment consultant can indicate who the best matches for a position are without bias, which will automatically boost efficiency and fairness. Even with video interviews, artificial intelligence systems can analyze candidates’ answers before recruiters ever see them. These tools are there to assist the human factor in the hiring process, not to replace them. However, this could change, so it is crucial to determine what this means for how applicants may view companies that utilize this technology.

The Human Factor

Is it possible that companies will be viewed as impersonal because of their choice to rely on machines? Will this technology possibly alienate others? Most likely, bots will not replace humans completely anytime soon.

For instance, companies hire those who support the team’s culture, something current AI has yet to catch up on analyzing without assistance. This means that the software may be utilized more as the initial screening, with the final in-person interview still conducted the traditional way. What bots lack in ‘gut feeling,’ they make up for with highly selective logistics and algorithms.

The Future of HR Admin

Any automation is likely to lead to the loss of jobs in Human Resource departments. Soon, scheduling meetings, sorting through resumes, and delivering updates will all be automated. However, it could alternatively lead to a redefining of the roles in HR. Professionals will be able to take the time to invest in other important tasks to recruit strong candidates and help the company progress.

While this technological evolution is on the way, it’s not quite ready just yet.

Take time to change your perspective and see how those on the other side of the process.

Florin A. is Advertising professional at Linked organisation, an Ireland-based marketing and client experience consultancy that assists businesses in the Ireland produce effective customer experiences.

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