How Is A Tree Removed From Your Back Garden?

How Is A Tree Removed From Your Back Garden

Your tree is an asset to your garden, however, there will times when your tree needs some attention. The tree might have started to encroach over your fence and onto your neighbour’s property. The branches of the tree might be blocking light out from the garden to such an extent that the plants a dying. The branches might start to lean dangerously towards your house and need to be taken down.

When you need to have a tree removed from your back garden, you should not attempt to do this by yourself. Instead of this, you should hire a fully-qualified professional. They will be able to use a wide array of equipment and tools to make sure that the tree is taken care of.

How is a tree removed from your back garden?

The Branches Are Removed

The tree surgeon is going to work from the top down whilst performing tree removals in Perth, hacking and cutting different parts of the tree as they go. The first thing that they will do is to cut the top branches off. This makes the top of the trunk much more accessible for later parts of the job.

They will make sure that none of the tree branches is going to fall onto your house or your garden shed.

The Top Of Tree Is Cut Off

Cutting the top off the tree is going to be the next stage of the tree felling process. The surgeon will make sure that the top of the tree is going to fall in the garden and not onto anything else. After the top of the tree has been cut off, the trunk of the tree can be removed in sections. This is much easier and safer than the tree being cut down at the base.

Once the tree trunk has been cut down properly, then phase three can begin in earnest.

The Base Is Cut Up

The base needs to be dug out of the ground. This can be done one of two ways. Firstly, the tree surgeon might decide to cut up the trunk with an axe and then remove the individual pieces. This can be time-consuming, so there is a faster method. The tree surgeon can use a woodcutter to make sure that the trunk is successfully cut away.

The Roots Are Dug Up

When the trunk has been successfully removed, it is time for the roots to be completely dug up. This can be done by the tree surgeon using a spade. This will minimise the damage that occurs on the grass.

When your tree is growing too big or is leaning dangerously, then it will be a good time to call a tree surgeon. They will carry out a full inspection of the tree and then they will make sure that the branches, trunk and roots are safely removed.

Tree removal will be quick and efficient when you use a surgeon.

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