Get Information For Eventual Career Paths

ARC is a company that develops training opportunities that can lead to job placement for young people. It includes the PaTH program, which is a government funded program specifically in place to help youth so that they can get jobs. The program consists of three elements. Those are, specifically, prepare, trial and hire. The point is to help young people to gain valuable skills and work experience that prepares them for the real world so that they can get a job and keep that job.

The program not only trains young people for holding down a job, but it also works closely with employers so that youth can get placements in internships. The employers can also receive great incentives when they place young people in an internship position.

ARC has a great reputation for delivering exceptional results in the Prepare element of the PaTH program. This is because it includes involved and engaging classes, group activities, project work and even role playing that can help youngsters to gain valuable tools for their eventual career paths.

Get Information For Eventual Career Paths

Training Block 1 focuses on honing pre-employment skills and on building a necessary foundation of skills that are those sought out by employers. Young people will learn how to develop an understanding of basic skills including communication, reliability, teamwork, presentation and digital literacy. Young people seeking jobs will also learn how to take ownership of the output of their work, just as they would be in a real job.

Training Block 2 has a focus on communication in the workplace and honing the skills young people need to go into a job with confidence to present themselves to employers. ARC places youth in jobs, placing each individual with the appropriate employer in the appropriate job and ensures that young people can refine their skills.

ARC’s Youth Jobs PaTH program strives to make a real difference in the lives of young people in a number of ways. These are as follows:

  • By working with each person individually to make sure they are the best they can possibly be
  • By delivering motivation for every student so that they can finish the program and find a good job
  • Ensure that each student treat everyone else with care and respect, regardless of their background or characteristics
  • By training each student and helping them to find jobs
  • By establishing open and free communication to ensure the best results for each student

The PaTH program consists of a team of dedicated and skilled professionals who train young people. They use the following methods:

  • A practical approach toward learning that is hands-on
  • Working with simulated work environments
  • Partnering with Community Housing Providers and more for assisting youth who are most in need
  • Acting as a trainer and recruiter for large companies who want to hire ambitious youth

ARC works directly with government agencies as partners to provide much-needed training and recruitment opportunities for young people who are actively seeking jobs. ARC has a proven track record of delivering effective training for youth in a number of different industries.