5 Ways Wood Crown Moldings Change The Face Of A Room

Crown molding is one of the most used and celebrated decorations for the ceiling. It adds graceful details at the edges of the walls and ceilings as it is applied in between the seams of the vertical and horizontal planes of the two features. We all know that wooden fixtures have their own unique charm to make a place warmer and more welcoming. The wooden crown molding designs are excellent for creating a rustic appeal and emphasizing the architectural appearance of a room. Find out how such a feature can drastically change the feel and face of a room.

 Decorative wood moldings to create a unique feel.

5 Ways Wood Crown Moldings Change The Face Of A Room

When you are applying the crown molding styles to a room, it’s important to pick a feel for that place. The wooden fixtures do an excellent job in this regard as they evoke warmth and comfort and counterbalance anything that seems rather cold such as a marble-clad wall or a drab color palette. If you choose decorative instead of plain trims, they will look prominent in the entire room and lend an architectural gravitas to the space. Such moldings also add depth to the overall décor and design of that particular place.

 Retain the traditional spirit of your refurbished abode.

5 Ways Wood Crown Moldings Change The Face Of A Room

Wood trims completely match to the spirit of renovated house. When you update your old residence for modern living but want to keep its historic architectural character, nothing works better than wood moldings. These look traditional and can perfectly express the transitional vibe. If there’s already woodwork in a room, it will be the best to custom mill the crown moldings to complement the designs of the original fixtures.

 Enhance the value of your home.

5 Ways Wood Crown Moldings Change The Face Of A Room

If part of your motive for installing the molding is to boost your home’s value, wooden fixtures are the best option. Using poorly crafted, cheap frames will not suffice, except for ruining the aesthetic of a room. Flimsy molding boards lack in construction and quality and don’t offer the same visual splendor as wood boards. The MDF casing is a good option in case if your budget is really tight. Stain it with a good-quality wooden varnish so that no one can tell the difference.

Add a character and bring variations.

5 Ways Wood Crown Moldings Change The Face Of A Room

Many people have the misconception that all the crown moldings of a home should be of similar style. The truth is there’s a wide array of these fixtures is available, and you should take this advantage to maximize the aesthetic potential of particular rooms in your living place. The moldings of the bedroom should not necessarily bear the similar design applied in the kitchen. However, you can keep their size and dimension coordinated to maintain the visual depth and proportions.

 Wonderful visual charm.

5 Ways Wood Crown Moldings Change The Face Of A Room

These fixtures have the great power to add visual appeal to your home. You can install them anywhere given that you have picked up the right material and design. If it’s wood, choose the proper veneer too to protect that from changes in humidity and temperature. The decorative value of the crown moldings is significant, and they can visually unify the walls and the ceiling together in a room.

Wooden decorations add warmth and beauty it adds to the interior of your living place. There is a wide range of wood types such as pine, oak, mahogany, and more along with various types of polishing options so that you face no difficulty finding the right choice.

Wood crown moldings have the perfect character and quality to complement the décor of any type of house – whether it carries a contemporary or a traditional style. However, these are susceptible to environmental changes. For example, these can contract, crack, extend, or warp under various temperatures. You can either use PU moldings or choose high-quality wood trims to install them in places where there won’t be much change of temperature.

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