The Ways To Eliminate Negative, Defamatory And False Information From The Web

The Ways To Eliminate Negative, Defamatory And False Information From The Web

One negative statement is enough to destroy the years of hard work you have put in your business and the reputation that you have gained, during these years. Due to technological advancement, customers have full liberty to post a positive or negative comment on the website. Actually, these are opinions but can severely impact any business. Looking at the severity of negative comment, it is very important to constantly check online reviews and comments made by people and take preventive measures to remove any such comment from the website.

The Ways To Eliminate Negative, Defamatory And False Information From The Web

Violation of Terms and Conditions:

Many of the websites these days have pre-defined terms and conditions. There are websites such as Glassdoor that provide a stage for content that has been written by the users of the website. If any negative content present on a website is found to violate their policies, then it can be reported to the website to perform the moderation.

All the defamatory remarks that violate the conditions can be removed by the moderator of the website. This helps a website to feel secured and protected against any detrimental impact of the negative comment on it.

Place request on Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA):

The DMCA is a form of federal law that considers all issues that come under copyright infringement.  This law comes into action in cases when the copyrighted photo of the client gets posted on a particular website without any intimation. In such a case, what the photo owner can do is to send a DMCA notice to the website that has been using it illegally.

This way that website can be sued for copyright infringement. Thus, a client can use this remarkable strategy to quickly and successfully eliminate images and damaging posts from offending websites.

Court Order:

This is a very commonly utilized legal strategy to de-index false information from the results of search results. In this strategy, a court order is sent to the website that is violating the rules and conditions. Read more here about which actions should be taken on the basis of defamation removal law . The court order states that the content they are trying to host or have been hosting is declared to be defamatory by the law. This makes the website to remove it expeditiously.

There are several reputation management companies that work towards saving the image of business from people with harmful and malicious intents. Professionals at these companies know the ins and outs of defamation removal law. They devise the best strategies to give clients quick and safe resolution.

Stipulated Judgment:

Getting a stipulated judgment or an agreement between the parties is the best way to resolve a case. Such form of legal settlement is considered as a court judgment when it gets sanctioned by the judge.


The sooner you take corrective measures, better it will be for your business. These are some of the best and reliable ways to get rid of any defamatory remarks and maintain good image of the business among your customers.

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