Nature provides the best ways for people to bond with their families away from distractions, in a quiet and quite relaxing manner. The best places for these kind of activities, such as picnics, are parks that have been excluded from any kind of noise and other distractions such as traffic. One of the places known for the best parks in the world is Birmingham.

Sheldon Country Park

Sheldon Country Park is one of the most beautiful parks in Birmingham. The park which covers a total of 300 acres is ideal for a picnic day with family and friends. The park is made up of mostly open grasslands, wetlands, old hedgerows and mature woodlands. It is equipped with a huge parking which is connected to other trails to facilitate for nature walks. For families with kids who would rather participate in other playful activities, there is a great playground right when you enter the park. The park, which is open throughout the year, has a couple of activities including tours of a firm.

Cannon Hill Park

Water Fall, Cannon Hill Park

Covering a total of 250 acres of land, Cannon Hill Park is the most popular park in England. The park is accessible by anyone, whether a pedestrian or driver. It has a huge parking available to facilitate all visitors. In addition, the park is known for being the host of Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Centre and the Mac arts theatre. It also has 2 huge playgrounds for families with children. This park is completely breathtaking and is highly recommended for anyone wishing to enjoy a bit of wildlife.

Kings Heath Park

Weekend Walk: 27th May 2017

Being the first official urban park in Birmingham to receive the Green Flag status, Kings Heath Park takes up 35 acres of land. It is completely accessible, with there being three entrances to enter the park. It has a wide range of natural plantations and fun activities for both children and adults. Apart from the fact that the park is very good for picnics, it has a tea room, a bowling green, nurseries with germinating plants and for children, two playgrounds. There is a huge car park, with one that can be reserved for you in advance.

Woodgate Valley Country Park

Horses Grazing in Woodgate Valley Country Park

Woodgate Valley Country Park covers a total of 450 acres of land, enough to hold a huge number of people at the same time. There are beautiful plants, with a total of over 250 types of plantations found in the park. In addition, the park has a breathtaking pond and a large number of different flower species. This park is also known to be a nature reserve for the many species that have been discovered in that area.

Birmingham Botanical Gardens

Birmingham Botanical Gardens

Of all the parks in Birmingham, this might as well be the most beautiful of all. It is specially designed to display nature at its best. The gardens have glasshouses to display nature at its best. There are four glasshouses displaying subtropical, Mediterranean and arid houses. There are many beds and shrubberies in the area to cater for any picnic activities. For families who love nature, this is the picnic site for you.


Birmingham has some of the best parks in the world. In this century, parks like those are really necessary. The parks are very easy to access even for people with vehicles and parking is never an issue. You can opt to find a Birmingham car rental and rent out a car to drive to these parks. Have fun with your family any time and any day.

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