Details Of The New Google Pixel 2

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Last year 2016 has been a good year for Google in terms of its terminals, the Google Pixel and Pixel XL. They have been manufactured by HTC and have managed to create in consumers enough expectation that because of the low stock available the Google Pixel XL costs a whopping $ 649 in some stores.

Well, those of Mountain View, who have already seen where the business is, are already working on a second delivery of these pixel, of which we have already been able to know the first details. The first and most interesting insurance for many, is that the terminal of Google will be available a cheaper version, since this year has only had high-end versions.

First details of Google Pixel 2

The first details of the Google Pixel 2, the new generation of Google terminals, have already begun. As we have known, the terminal will be water resistant, but there are still more. Changes in the datasheet, such as the camera. Despite being one of the best on the market today, you will make significant improvements over the current.

It is important to remember that these Pixel are the successors of the Nexus that were eliminated by Google and have had a great arrival despite some shortcomings that have presented in recent weeks.

And as far as the novelties of this second generation, they would premiere perhaps the only specification that they lacked to the present time: the resistance to the water.

Specifically, they would add the IP68 certification, which will allow it to fall to the water without damage (always depending on the amount of time and depth).

Now, it should also be noted that according to Stephen Hall of the site 9to5 Google, this resistance was effectively planned for the current Pixel, however the structure of the camera did not allow it.

Google Pixel 2 Processor

As for the processor, those of Mountain View are working on prototypes with processor Snapdragon 835 or some evolution and with Intel chips. You even hear that MediaTek is taking part in some of the prototypes of the new generation of Pixels. Obviously, these improvements in the camera and in the processor point to the price of the new Google Pixel 2. It will be even higher than the price of those we already know. Although Google may have saved an ace in the sleeve with the development of a cheaper version of the Pixel.

Anyway, it is a lot of information that helps us to get a preliminary idea of ​​what these terminals will offer us when they appear in the market. It is likely that the new Google Pixel 2 will be present at the summer return, late September or early October.

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