Best Places to Enjoy Fish And Chips in Reykjavik

Fish and chips, is a dish said to have originated from England in the 1860’s. It has since then traversed geography and been embraced by many people each making their own tweaks to make the dish theirs. At the basis of it though, regardless of the difference in preparation and serving, it is made of fried fish and potato chips.

It is most common as a takeaway food and is popular for its taste and ease of preparation. When done well a plate of traditional fish and chips is simply irresistible so here are some places you can order your share of the same in Reykjavik.

Icelandic Fish & Chips

Fish and chips with flavored dipping sauces

Despite its external appearance, this little restaurant is more than your average takes away. It is semi-self-service. Usually, you place your order and take a number to place on your table for the food to be brought to you when ready. The fish there is so fresh you are tempted to think they go fishing after you make your order. You can order one type of fish and one sauce. They have a variety of creamy dips for the chips and the fish if you like. There is a more expensive sampler for the sauce but it is well worth the money. If you want a quick and casual meal this is an excellent place to drop by.

Islenski barinn

Islenski Barinn

There is a somewhat confused atmosphere to this bar & restaurant but the large numbers of people are enough to begin putting your mind at ease. Their fish and chips with a hint of curry is a delicious option. Accompany this with the entertainment they have and you get the full gastro-pub experience. The staff is friendly and helpful. There is more than enough sitting space and the prices are as decent as it gets in Iceland. They also have some daily specials, which you can time if you are a little pocket-changed and yet nothing beats their fish and chips.


Kopar Restaurant

Their fish and chips are outstanding! Also, get this clear, they are sweet potato fries! If you want a place that will not disappoint you and you will get the value of your money must make a point to visit this joint. The fish is excellently battered and comes with a salad of your choice. The prices are reasonable too. The only downside to the restaurant is how noisy it is. You can hear the chef shouting to the waiters in the kitchen and yet that is not to deter you from trying their fish and chips.

fish and chip(s)

Traveling to a new place can be daunting especially when you have not even recommendations to go by. It is easier to experiment with a place to sleep than it is to experiment with food. Thankfully, now, you don’t have to. If you find yourself in Reykjavik, and you have that insatiable craving for fish and chips, or you just want a casual and quick meal, you know the places to visit and what to expect. Also, it is worth mentioning that getting around in Iceland could be a hassle: public transport is expensive and rare due to low population density. So, renting a car in Reykjavik during you visit is strongly recommended.

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