A Complete Guide To Hiring Front-End Developer

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For any business, the online presence becomes critically important to interact with the target market. The website becomes the face of the company and makes sales and marketing much effective. However, in order to achieve all those traits, the website should have a robust design. And the role of front-end developer becomes key to achieve a good website.

A Complete Guide To Hiring Front-End Developer

Thankfully, you have specific pre employment aptitude test to test the developers. Along with the quality assessment, these tests help you reduce the time and costs of the hiring process.

However, there are multiple other aspects of hiring the front-end developer for the job. Hence, this article offers you a complete guide to hiring the right person for the job in your company.

1. Define the Required Skills

First of all, you need to create a list of skills that you need from the candidates for the success of the project. For instance, if the website is getting built from the scratch, you need to define the programming language knowledge you want from the developer.

Multiple skills such as HTML5 JavaScript, PHP, Bootstrap, and others can become a part of the requirement. Also, it is important to ensure that the candidates have the responsive design development skills along with the creative approach.

After defining the skills, you can now move to the next step.

2. Ask For the Portfolio

The portfolios become a great help in judging the style and the development skills of the candidates. You can ask for the portfolio for the job. Or, ask them to provide the online presence and showcase their work that explains the skills they have as a front-end developer.

The passion of a developer becomes visible with the online presence. So, if the person has a development blog or answers the questions to resolve development queries online, then, it’s a positive sign.

3. Get the Help from Testing Solutions

You can’t make the final decision just by looking at the portfolio. Hence, the next step should be to test the skills and the aptitude of the candidates. In order to conduct the test, you can get in touch with the testing solution providers online. The testing solution company can provide specific tests for the evaluation of the candidates. You can leverage the test for aptitude and also evaluate their coding skills with these tests.

4. Ask Right Questions During the Interview

Asking the right question is essential to judge the knowledge and capacities of the candidate. However, many entrepreneurs and small business owners don’t have any idea about the right questions to ask during such interviews. But the testing experts can help you there as well. You can simply contact the solution providers and get all the help and knowledge you require to interview the candidates.

5. Offer a Small Project to Test

Finally, it would be a wise move to offer a small task related to your website or product to test the candidates. This will allow you to see how effective a candidate can be for your project.

Now, you can start the process.