5 Ways You Can Make Your Solitaire Diamond Ring Special

Solitaire Diamond Ring

Choosing the right wedding ring can be a tedious task, given there are a plethora of options to look and choose. However, a diamond ring is a sure winner. In his write-up, we provide you valuable tips on how to make the engagement ring special for your beloved.

All the diamonds in the world are as unique as the human fingerprints, and just like the fingerprints, these diamonds reveals their differences only when you look at them closely. This uniqueness is what makes diamond rings the most favourite choice among the couples. The diamond rings are not just an excellent way to showcase your love for your beloved, but it also is a foolproof way to woo them and make them fall in love with you all over again. So if you are looking to buy an engagement ring that would make a personal statement, it is best advised that you go for a solitaire ring. These rings are the most versatile type in terms of shapes, band styles, and settings. If you have decided to buy a solitaire ring, here are five tips that can help you make the ring special:

Choose a unique cut

Solitaire diamond ring come in a variety of cuts, if you are looking to buy a wedding ring, it is best advised to look beyond the round cut diamonds. No doubt, the round cuts are brilliant, but there are other cuts like princess, oval, pear and marquise that not only infuse a refreshing change from the traditional cut but also offer a unique design. The heart-shaped diamond cut ring, for instance, is an excellent way of expressing love for your partner in the most emphatic way. If your partner has a penchant for antiques, you can choose a cushion cut diamond ring, also known as pillow cut or candlelight cut rings. The complex arrangements of facets in a cushion cut diamonds will add a unique sparkle to the ring.

Consider the setting

Typically, the diamond solitaire rings have four or six prong setting, which not only makes the diamond more flattering but also make gem pop out. But, having said that, the prong setting is pretty conventional. So if you want to add a personal touch to your engagement ring, you can consider other unique settings like the invisible setting, the bezel setting or the tension setting.

Add a special touch with a coloured diamond

Diamonds usually associate with the white, shiny gem, but nowadays diamonds come in a variety of natural colours other than white as well. The colour shades are due to the incorporation of the different elements other than carbon during the formation of the diamond. The colour shades vary from yellow, tan, brown, pink to even blue. So if you want to gift your loved one a wedding ring that is as incredible special as the person, you can buy a ring with a coloured diamond.

Be creative with the band

One of the best ways to make your solitaire diamond wedding ring extra special is to be creative with the band rather than just be worried too much with the rock itself. Traditionally, the bands are made of gold, silver, platinum or white gold. A few simple things like engraving your loved one’s name on the band can make it special.

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