5 Things You Must Include in Your Flyer Design

Flyers are always popular as a way to advertise your business or draw attention to an event. Flyers are cheap to print and easy to make, but that does not mean they can be put together without thought or time. The most successful flyers make use of sound design principles and grab attention through a combination of colourful imagery, vibrant typology, and eye-catching text. Here are some ideas for the essential points you need to include in your flyers for optimum effect.

5 Things You Must Include in Your Flyer Design

  1. A Concise Message

You may think you have a short, concise message to show in your flyer but edit it down still further. Your flyer should convey the absolute minimum but do it in a way that is effective for your purposes. Most people will have at most a few seconds to spend, initially, on your flyer. You need to grab attention in those few seconds and then you can add extra information that people need to act on your call to action. Colour is also an important ingredient in effective flyer design.

  1. A Well-Organised Message

The information you convey in your flyer should also be organised into a form that is easy to read at first glance. Flyer printing is more effective when you use bullet points and enclosed text boxes to allow people to easily navigate the information on the flyer.

  1. A Catchy Headline

The headline should be the first thing you think of when you are designing a flyer, since it will be the first thing someone sees and reads when they are looking at it. The headline will give people a great idea of what you are offering and why they should look more closely at the information.

  1. The Benefits of Your Offer or Event

Make sure that people know why it is a good idea they attend your event or buy your product. Think how it will benefit their lives and include this information in flyer printing design. You should also make clear why people should pick your product or event over your competitors.

  1. A Call to Action

Let people know what you want them to do. Do you want them to attend an event? Come to your store? Buy a new product? Use an active voice and be clear and precise in what you are saying. Being clear and precise is overall the essential tip you need to follow when you are designing a flyer.

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