What Toilet Problems Can A Plumber Fix?

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If there are lots of people in your house, the toilets are going to be used several times in one day. The bowl and the handle need to be sturdy and the tank should be regularly checked for any problems.

If the toilet develops a problem, then this could be extremely inconvenient for you and your family. You may need to ask the next door neighbors if you have to use the toilet. This is not always convenient, so you should call a plumber to have them fix the problem as soon as they possibly can.

What toilet problems can a fully-qualified plumber fix?

Leaking Tank

Sometimes, the tank of your toilet might start to leak. There are several reasons why this could occur. Firstly, the water pressure going into the toilet from the mains supply could be too high. Secondly, one of the components inside the water tank could be broken, causing water to remain in the tank when it should be flushed downwards.

You can call 24 hour plumbers in Southampton who will be able to make sure that the tank of the toilet is fully fixed before you have to use it again.

Water Backing Up In The Bowl

You might have the problem where water is backing up into the bowl of the toilet after you have flushed. This can potentially cause the bathroom to flood, so you should call a plumber to sort out the issue.

The water could be backing up because the connecting pipe is damaged or is blocked. Also, the water pressure in the toilet could be too low in order to flush the paper and waste away efficiently. An experienced plumber will make sure that the connecting pipe is fixed or that the blockage is completely removed.

The Toilet Not Flushing At All

You need your toilet to flush every time that you use it because you will need to get rid of all the waste and not want to leave it sitting in the bowl. There might be a problem with the mains water pressure if the toilet is not flushing at all.

Also, this could mean that there is a problem with the handle. The plumber will also check in the tank to see if any of the compartments are not working properly. Your toilet will be fixed quickly and efficiently, which will mean that you can use it once again without any issues.

The Handle Is Broken

When the handle of the toilet is broken, you will not be able to flush any of the waste away. This can be a problem if several people need to go to the toilet after each other. You do not need to panic though because this is one of the simplest problems that a trained plumber can fix.

When your toilet is broken, you will be able to call an experienced to fix the problem for a very cost-effective price.

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