5 Of The Best Travel Destinations in Thailand

Thailand is definitely a destination that needs to be on your bucket list. If you like amazing cuisine, sandy beaches, and cheap accommodation, Thailand is the place to go for your next vacation. It is one of Asia’s top tourist destinations and is full of incredible things to do and wonderful sights to see.

If you’re thinking of traveling to Thailand, there are five places you simply must visit during your visit. Each one has a unique beauty and vibrant culture that is well worth checking out.

  1. Bangkok

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and is a city that never, ever sleeps. The bustling metropolis is full of good eating, beautiful temples, and boasts a vibrant nightlife. Go here to see some of the world’s largest Buddhist statues, including the largest golden Buddha in the world! Even though it’s a busy city, people still take the time to pray in temples and there are meditating monks everywhere. It is a unique city with an electric atmosphere.

  1. Chiang Mai

Once you’re ready for some quiet time, go to Chiang Mai. It’s Thailand’s second-largest city and is located at a high altitude in a beautiful mountain range. Chiang Mai is home to great mountain climbing and is near Doi Inthanon, the highest mountain in Thailand. You will also find many glorious temples here. Although it is a large city, it has a tranquil and spiritual atmosphere.

  1. Ayutthaya

Don’t go to Thailand without visiting Ayutthaya. It is only one hour by train from Bangkok. Ayutthaya is an ancient city filled with some of the oldest temples in the country and some truly sacred places. You will need to take a ferry boat to get there, but it is worth the short trip to visit. Expect to use your translator here as most people don’t speak English. If you go to at least one temple, be sure it’s Wat Phra Si Sanphet, widely considered to be the holiest temple in Thailand.

  1. Similan Islands

Once you’re in Thailand, you’ll likely want to venture out to some of the islands for some beach bumming. The Similan Islands are some of Thailand’s most beautiful islands, with classic white, sandy beaches and lots of sun. It is a more secluded destination that is perfect for a traveler who really wants to relax. The islands have also been rated as one of the world’s top places for diving.

  1. Phanom Rung

Located in northern Thailand, this is a unique travel destination best known for its Hindu-inspired architecture. The best time to visit is in April during the Phanom Rung Festival, when people gather from all across the country to celebrate the beautiful people and temples of the area.

Whether you’re looking for a destination to relax or have some fun, Thailand has it all. It is one of the most beautiful places on the planet, and every person should visit it at least once in their lifetime. Unfortunately for those who know of Thailand as a “no-rules” atmosphere, all types of gambling are explicitly illegal, so you won’t exactly be stumbling into any casinos during your stay here. There are plenty of other ways to enjoy your time abroad, so use this list to make use of them all!

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