Some Essential Factors You Have To Consider When Looking For A Live In Caregiver

For many, seeking help from a live in caregiver is a better choice than sending a loved one to a home or care facility. After all, by hiring a live in caregiver, you can allow your loved one to stay at home, in an environment which they love and are familiar with. Studies have shown that staying at home and acquiring live in care is better for an elderly person or a person with special needs than staying at a care facility or centre.

Live in caregivers offer other benefits as well. By getting a live in caregiver for your loved one, you are giving them a companion who can assist them with everything they need – from cooking to shopping to cleaning and keeping the home tidy, the live in caregiver can be relied upon. The live in caregiver can also serve as your ‘eyes and ears’, as they can give you regular updates on your loved one’s condition, including their moods, hygiene, level of activity, and more. Additionally, a caregiver can be of prime help when it comes to scheduling physicians’ appointments, paying bills, administering medication, and so on. In essence, with a live in caregiver, both you and your loved one can benefit.

But before you choose a caregiver, here are some essential factors you have to consider first:

What do you require?

First, make a list of what you require from the caregiver – what you expect them to do as part of their duties and responsibilities. To make it more organised, list down the daily tasks you expect from them. Do you expect them to cook? Clean? Shop for food and supplies? Assist your loved one in going to the bathroom? How about other tasks and duties specific to your loved one?

How qualified should the caregiver be?

You also need to determine how qualified you need the caregiver to be. This, of course, will depend on your loved one and any conditions or needs they may have. If you have a loved one who has dementia, then you may need a caregiver who has had ample experience caring for someone with the same condition. If you have a loved one with a physical condition or disability, then you may also want to opt for a caregiver with experience dealing with patients who are disabled or limited in their physical capabilities.

What about the meals?

One of the most important tasks of most live in caregivers is preparing meals. If you require them to prepare meals, is there any dietary requirement or restriction they should know about? Are they capable of preparing meals with specific ingredients or restrictions?

Once you have listed down all the requirements, it’s time to choose. Make sure the caregiver providing live in care is a warm, open person as well – someone your loved one can easily get along with.