Your Guide To A Quality Pub Atmosphere

Amy and her fiancé blow up on each other the night after her fiancé’s bachelor party. Everything was going so well until the fiancé came out with his guilt. He had slept with another woman during his bachelor party. Distraught and angry, Amy walks a few blocks to the pub. She is dying to get her hands on some hard liquor. When she makes it to her usual place, she spots your “Grand Opening” sign across the street and decides to give your pub a try.

Your Guide To A Quality Pub Atmosphere

Will Amy stay and settle in for a drink or will she take a step inside and walk back out? Sorry if this is starting to sound like a math question, because it’s not. Whether Amy stays depends completely on the atmosphere of your pub and the products within. Though people can admire a hole-in-the-wall pub or a new kid on the block, it is unlikely a customer will stay if he or she sees uncomfortable furniture and disgusting appliances. A pub is meant to be a refuge when someone such as Amy is in pain. It is a place to sort things out or perhaps drink the troubles away. That means it also needs to provide a certain level of comfort.

Think of Your Pub as a Part-Time Therapist

Close your eyes and imagine a therapist’s office. Even if you’ve never been to a therapy session, you have probably seen one on TV. What does the office look like? There is a comfortable chair or maybe even a couch, right? Don’t forget the coffee table with the box of tissues either. The essence of a therapist’s office is serenity, peace, and comfort. It has to be so in order for the patient to relax and replay the possible tragic circumstances that led him or her to the therapist.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you need to paint the pub’s walls a playful yellow or have boxes of tissues stacked beneath the counter. However, having comfortable seating, a dimly-lit room, and quality pub supplies on hand will set the tone and mood of a successful pub atmosphere.

What Types of Suppliers Should You Be Looking Into?

Essentially, you need a pub product supplier that has all the goods. You don’t want to be bouncing from place to place just for decent service. Search for companies with years of experience supplying pubs and check out their websites for customer reviews. Seeing how they’ve helped out other pubs will be the best way to identify if their services are authentic.

Once you’ve got that sorted, check into what they offer. Do they hit all the right marks: catering, janitorial, bar, and cleaning equipment? Do they offer products sourced from reputable brands? What about the types of china they offer? These are all questions you should ask yourself and all the answers should be found either in their reviews or on their websites. They should provide you with variety, considering that every pub has a unique vibe it aims for.

When you are building up your bar, make it for an Amy of the world. Make it inviting but not overwhelming. Make it the perfect mix of privacy and a place to vent. Mastering the atmosphere of your pub by having quality supplies available will maximise your customer satisfaction.

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