Top Tips from The Experts On The Best Way To Design Your Flyers

A flyer is a great marketing tool as it doesn’t cost too much to print and you can reach a very large audience simply by making sure it gets into people’s hands. Designing a flyer isn’t that hard, either – after all, all you have to do is make sure your message is understood, right? Well…Kind of, but making sure you have a flyer that stands out and really grabs your target’s attention is not that simple.

If you want to make sure you’re flyer doesn’t just end up in the trash bin without it having any effect, you need to be smart about it. Ever wonder how to design the best flyer ever? Here are the top tips from the experts on flyer printing on the best way to design your flyers.


If you want to be clear, you need to use colours to your advantage – and how the different colours interact will decide whether your message is readable or not. Remember, your message needs to be easy to read, and (per example) using neon green on an orange background will not get the job done. There are many places online and elsewhere that provide great information on preferred colours in order to secure contrast and readability.

Use space wisely

You only have limited space, so use it wisely. You may want to add an image (a picture paints a thousand words, after all), but you want to make sure you still have enough space for all the necessary information. Try different ratios, but remember the most important: be bold, and be clear. Get your message across in as few words as possible.

Frame the important issues

Just like a picture that is framed looks more beautiful, a frame around an important text makes it stand out – use it wisely, though; don’t overdo it.

Get to the point

You may want to say many things, but stick to the minimum. Make your message powerful but as short as possible. Bullet points often help to keep things organised and short.

Use colour to make a point

Stick with the colours of your brand, and use colours your target demographic are attracted to.

Flyer or leaflet printing and design isn’t just about putting some text and a picture on a piece of paper, thinking that the one who receives it is going to understand your message – if that were the case, it would indeed be simple. It’s about understanding the person who will read it; it’s about doing research regarding your target demographic. What is your message? How will you best convey this? What colour does your audience get inspired by, and how do you ensure your letters and words are both short and powerful? Design well when it comes to flyer printing – design for optimum effect.