Simple and Convenient Photo Editing Apps For Android

There is a great variety of applications for Android that allow you to edit images. Some of them are simpler, and with their help, you can only add additional effects to a picture or simply change its size. Others are more complicated as they allow you to change the original image so much that becomes unrecognizable. Today, we will tell you about the most interesting photo editing apps for Android-devices. If you still do not have one, we recommend you check out Moto prices online.


Aviary is a free application, which makes it even more attractive. With the help of this app, you can remove the red-eye effect, which is capable of transforming the most peaceful and good-natured person into in a vampire. In addition, the user will have a library of 12 photo effects at their disposal. Do you want more? Unfortunately, the additional effects are paid.

Simple and Convenient Photo Editing Apps For Android

The app allows you to adjust the sharpness, blur the background, add text to the photo and more.

Photo Editor Pro

The app offers a lot of interesting tools for creative people. Using this app, you can quickly create a memorable meme. You can add text to a photo and make a drawing over the existing picture. You can add a funny sticker to the picture too. These features are likely to be interesting to young users, for whom such photo editing will become a fun entertainment. In the end, many pupils used to add a mustache or horns to famous scientists and writers in their textbooks. And with the help of Photo Editor Pro, you can have some fun editing a photo of your best friend.


Many of us know the Photoshop app. The Fotor application is often called a light version of Photoshop. With it, you can significantly change an existing photo: it is possible to adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation and many other parameters. Need special effects? The app offers them too! Fotor allows you to make a picture black and white or make it look vintage.

Does Fotor have something that cannot be found in other photo editors made for Android? Of course! As an example, there is the “Focus” function, which allows you to create a bokeh effect. That is when the main object stands out against the blurred background. Another great thing is the ability to create collages. For this purpose, the user is offered a large selection of templates.


The Cymera application is primarily intended for processing selfies. But its capabilities will suffice for fast editing of regular pictures as well. The developers did not forget to include a colorful manual, in which all the secrets of the photo editing are revealed. Having read the manual, you can start working. It is possible to snap a picture directly from the application, and process it afterward.

Cymera can let you give the skin a healthy shine, increase and reduce the eyes and even tighten the hips. You can also change your hair and makeup. And this is only a small part of its beauty capabilities. Plus, this app is available for Windows Phone so if you are considering getting a smartphone running on this platform such as Nokia Lumia 530, you will be able to use Cymera as well. We suggest you take a look at the used Nokia Lumia 530 prices online.

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