Know About The Popularity Of ISCKON and Govinda’s Restaurant

ISCKON is one of the popular pilgrimages of Delhi and once you go there you will experience ultimate peace and serenity. It is located on the Hari Krishna Hills in the East of Kailash in New Delhi. The nearest metro station to this pilgrimage is Kailash Colony. It is one of the well known temples across the globe for its spirituality and peaceful location. It has got beautiful and historic architecture. The ISCKON banquet is a very beautiful banquet hall in the ISCKON temple area. It can accommodate around 1000’s of people at a time for any family function may be wedding or any kind of get together.

Know About The Popularity Of ISCKON and Govinda’s Restaurant

The height of the temple goes up to 90 feet from the ground level. It is one among the famous forty temples in India which was built by the ISCKON group. For those people who believe in Lord Krishna it is one of the religious and peaceful places. ISCKON, Kailash Colony was built by some of the religious organizers in the year 1998. The main purpose of ISCKON temple is to promote spirituality and the basic knowledge about why Hinduism is the best religion. The priest over teach all their disciples to lead a very modest life and respect every individual. This temple is located among the lush and green garden in the Kailash Colony.

Apart from the temple there is a very spacious banquet hall and the banquet in Dwarka is very unique from that of Kailash Colony. This temple has the shrine of Sri Rama, Sri Radha Krisha, Hanuman and many other Hindu Gods and Goddesses. It exterior and interior reflects the dynamic architecture of the past century. This temple has an air-conditioned hall where around 1,500 people can accommodate at one time to perform the puja rituals. The paintings in the temple reflect some of the past and historic events which you could easily relate to the Hindu mythology. This temple is known for beautiful and attractive Russian art and painting on sculpture. The Radha Krishna images is one of the major focus this temple.

Govinda’s Restaurant near ISCKON:

Govinda’s Restaurant is one of the pure vegetarian restaurants near ISCON Temple Kailash colony. It is quite famous for the wholesome and healthy food serves all through the day. May devotees come here to enjoy this food as take it as a blessing from Lord Krishna. This food is first of all served to Lord Krishna then only the devotees get a chance to eat this food. It is believed that it nourishes your body and soul. The food over here is mouthwatering and quite delicious. The ambiance of this restaurant is also very calm and peaceful. This restaurant is open both for lunch and dinner. The food prepared here is without ginger, garlic and onion.

Every day Bhagwad Gita Shloka is recited and every devotee take part in reciting this. They believe that it gives them ultimate peace of mind and serenity. Geeta Saar is also included in this recitation.

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