Brand Clothes For One and All: TOP Popular Brands In Spain

Spain. This is the beautiful sunny country of Europe: tempered citizens, rich and charming nature, glorious history. All these attractions welcome millions of tourists and business men to Pyrenean peninsular. Paris, London, Milan are still disputing which of them is worth taking the name of the world fashion capital. Nevertheless, the base of European fashion started right here in Spain in the 16-17th century to be the world fashion leader. Madrid is worthy competitor to Paris or Milan.

You can find talented designers in every big city in Spain. For example, you may hire a car in Alicante and go over the city in search of new brands and new names. So, you may enjoy the world of Spanish fashion, brands and clothes.


Anna Mora And Brunella

The clothes from Anna Mora and Brunella was firstly developed, designed and produced since 1966. The native city is Barcelona. Anna Mora includes exclusive casual models for business style. Brunella collection produces elegant women clothes for special occasions and holidays made of exclusive textiles.


Caramelo brand offers men and women clothes. The men collection is elegant. It includes textured jeans, pants, printed shirts and knitted goods. It is for stylish man that can express his way of life in form of clothes. The women collection includes creativeness and steadiness. Pay attention to Caramelo Summer for women. It is produced in two colors: natural tones like white, sandy yellow, brown and bright colors – red, purple and others.

Functionality, comfort and aesthetic are main positions that are central for every next creature from Caramelo. Materials are high quality – variety of textiles touches your heart: cotton, wool, viscose, silk, natural textile and synthetic fibers like nylon. The key point of caramel collections is creative colors and color combinations: neutral colors are masterfully combined with blue, green and brown combinations with red and pink.

Isabel De Pedro

Isabel de Pedro – clothes for stylish modern women of the age of 20-60 that always tries to find her own style and individuality. The casual women clothes from Isabel de Pedro includes cocktail and evening dresses of elegant cut, business costumes, knitted clothes of high quality. The main brand characteristics are exclusive prints and decorations, original fibers, original ideas.

Mercedes Alonso Y Enmanuel Couture

The high quality clothes are characterized with original design, hand-made details, best of the best materials. That was the philosophy of Mercedes Alonso in 1995 when the popular designer started the way to success. The company is specialized in evening and wedding dresses of high quality that make you interesting and ideological.

Matiz by Mercedes Orive

Meet the next Spanish company that is specialized in designing, producing and trading of women clothes: coats, jackets, dresses, skirts, pants, T-shirts and tube tops. The most of clothes are made of natural fibers: wool, cotton and others. There are two interesting collections every next year (spring-summer and autumn-winter), offering clothes from more than 100 different designers. The brands are oriented to medium-high budget.

Where are the boys?

Paz Torras

The popular Spanish brand of high quality clothes are sold in more than 25 countries of the world. The primary clients are women from medium and high class that know and like Torras.

Sita Murt

The company and the brand of the same name were founded in Barcelona. The clothes collection from Sita Murt is for modern active women. Their style is cosmopolitan, original, fresh, minimalistic and bright individual.


Meet the T-shirts producer. The company was founded in 1962 in Ourense, Spain. Rivela is specialized in T-shirts designing, made of Egypt knitted fibers: giza. This material is popular all over the world as worthy cotton material.

Fashion Houses and Designers

The fashion house Loewe is the most famous Spanish Fashion House to create clothes line, perfumery and accessories. Loewe Style is incredible elegance and delicacy. Loewe traditions are more than two centuries old. The company was founded in Madrid in 1846 as a small workshop in producing leather clothes, bags and other accessories. Later, Loewe became the main workshop for the Royal family. The first Loewe boutique was built in 1963 in London. It was a part of French fashion in 1996.

Aveda Eco Fashion Week – Day 2 – Feb 24 11

The fashion house Balenciaga was founded by Cristobal Balenciaga – fashion philosopher. That great man was born in a little village on the North of Spain in 1895. Nevertheless, he is considered to be the respectable tailor of American celebrities. He was called Cristobal the Great for his masterfulness and fashion style. There was an opinion that no one but Balenciaga could be named the real Spanish designer, the greatest couturier of the 20th century. He had many glorious clients, including the Queen of Spain, the princess of Monaco, Marlene Dietrich and others.

The followers of Balenciaga are Paco Rabanne, Hubert de Givenchy. Gucci Group is the leader of Balenciaga fashion house for now.

The fashion house Armand Basi was founded in 1948 by Joseph and Armand Basi. The company produces the wide range of different products: men and women clothes, sunglasses, home textile, perfumery, shoes and accessories. The most respectable visitors of this house are Tom Cruise, Will Smith, Antonio Banderas and others. More than 20 mono brand boutiques work all over the world.

Сusto Barcelona fashion house was founded in 1980 by Custo and David. The style from Сusto Barcelona is based on combination of bright colors, interesting prints and textile compositions. This is the best popular clothes brand for Christina Aguilera, Antonio Banderas. You can find С.B. in more than 45 countries all over the world. This is the name of men and women clothes, sun glasses, jeans, footwear.


Never forget about the rest of Spanish designers and popular names. They are Francis Montesinos (the most interesting and eccentric designer), Konrad Muhr, Alma Aquilar, Antonio Garcia, Roberto Verino, Jesus del Pozo, Victorio&Lucchino, Elio Berhanyer, Adolfo Dominguez (budget prices and interesting materials, classical models and colors), David Valls (famous Catalonian designer). Remember these glorious names if you want to feel comfortable, reading the labels in the nearest boutique.

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