A Degree In Agriculture Can Propel Your Career Forward


You have completed your Intermediates and now you are looking to seek admission in undergraduate degree in a college of your choice. If you are thinking about a career in agriculture, you most probably are on the right track. Pause for a moment and think: nearly every industry is connected to agriculture directly or indirectly.  The table you sit on is made from wood which is directly related to agriculture. Your copy in which your write down your notes in school is in fact also an important product from the agricultural field. Agriculture is everywhere! That’s why you should take some time to investigate the countless exciting career opportunities that the agricultural industry has to offer. BSc agricultural colleges in Uttar Pradesh or quality colleges offering you a bachelor’s degree in agriculture can do an exceptional job of preparing you for a fulfilling career in agriculture. You only need to ensure that you seek admission in a college which enjoys an excellent academic reputation, has good graduate employment rates and the quality of academic facilities is at par with the best in the country.

When people think of a career in agriculture, more often than not an image forms in your mind of a farmer ploughing or watering his fields. You cannot be blamed for this misconception as right from childhood this is the image that we have been conditioned to believe of a person related to agriculture. In reality, however, things are vastly different as farming is high tech, big business, and most careers in agriculture are actually either business or science related. Only a miniscule percentage of people employed in agricultural industry are your typically ‘traditional’ farmer watering his fields or pitchforking hay to feed his cattle. Statistics reveal that majority of people with a degree in agriculture are working either as food/agricultural scientist or in business related careers such as marketing and merchandising.

Agriculture scientists study crop and animals in an effort to improve both production methods and food quality. In fact agricultural scientists derive their knowledge from an extensive range of disciplines like chemistry, biology, mathematics, physics, biotechnology zoology, etc. In fact agriculture in modern times has become the focus of extensive research and thus technology is majorly impacting this discipline.  

Top level BSc agricultural colleges in UP can open new vistas of career opportunities for you. As mentioned above, agriculture is a happening field and good quality colleges with all the requisite infrastructure and world class faculty can give you knowledge and skills to manage agricultural businesses, or work in the areas of agricultural sales and food production among other things.  After completing your graduation you can go for higher studies to hone your skills or opt for job right after your three year degree program is complete. You can work as an agricultural consultant, soil scientist, farm manager, plant breeder, etc after your degree. Students after obtaining their degree can also work as animal nutritionist, forest manager, food journalist, sales executive, newspaper reporter, etc.

Good colleges make it a point to develop a curriculum that is a judicious mix of theory and practice. Throughout your agriculture degree they make it a point to inculcate in their students a wide mix of technical skills and knowledge, including land use, farming practice and food production, as well as an understanding of the scientific, ethical and business principles that underpin the agricultural industry.

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