What Happens With Your Life After Death?

life after death

Have you ever imagined what happens with you after death? This might be a strange situation that has only been experienced by few people. It is said that at the time of death, physical body and soul gets separated from each other. At the time of rebirth, the body and soul get reunited. Our souls are so godly that have been existing even before the time of our birth and continue to live forever even after our death. Our existence is classified into three parts, i.e., pre mortal existence, earthly existence and post mortal existence. Every human body experiences the death and there is no human being found till now who managed to stay alive forever. This article would help to know about the life after death.

Even if somehow, we try to develop silicon bodies and add minds into them, it might be a possibility to delay the death for a long time, but someday, its physical existence has to reach to an end. It is found that around 1.5lakhs people die every day on Earth planet and so it can be said that on average, 2 people die per second. It is believed that your soul after the death may go to one of 13 subtle planes of existence except that of the earth plane. Seven out of them are considered as positive planes of existence known as Heaven, whereas seven are considered as negative planes of existence known as Hell.

A person who does good deeds all through his/her life, their soul is sent to the positive planes of existence, while those who have not done any good deed all through their life are sent to the negative planes of existence. The souls who deserve to go to hell face hard punishments for a long time. Out of all the planes of existence, this is the only plane that can be seen with the eyes and i.e., earth plane.

Life after death as found by scientists:

  • According to the survey done at the University of Southampton, it has been found that after a person can be able to feel awareness for around 3-4minutes after he or she is declared dead.
  • It has also been noticed that brain, heart, or lungs after severe injury or illness may cease to work, but sometimes, people get survived because of the cardiac arrests (attempts made to save the life). Around 2060 patients who belong to Austria have survived because of cardiac arrest and out of which, 40% still remember some kind of awareness they felt after being pronounced dead.
  • Out of the people who were aware after being announced dead, only 2 percent people confirmed that they had some outer body experience where you get to see what exactly happens with life after death.
  • In some study, a significant study was found that says a 57-year-old man confirmed the experience of outer body for the first time.

All the thoughts found by scientists regarding after death might be paradoxical because brain usually stops functioning after 20-30 seconds when heart ceases to function. If your mind is surrounded by the questions regarding after death, then you may get solutions of problems from Iskcon that keeps on organizing various seminars to bring positivity in the life of human being. So, join Iskcon and search for happiness in your life.

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