Tips You Must Remember To Do Multi Color Printing

Gone are the days when people used to rely on black and white printing for all their needs. With the advancement of technologies, the technology of printing is touching the heights. Several types of printers with advanced features have been introduced in the market nowadays. As the people are becoming more creative and colorful, the need for multi color prints is also increasing day by day. Whether it is a T-shirt, prospectus, report, document, etc., it is possible to print anything with multiple colors. It can be easier to avail these services from any printing press, but there are some tips that need to be kept in mind before getting Multi color printing done.

Important tips for Multi Color Printing:

  1. Resolution of image: Always ensure that the image you need to get printed is in high resolution. Never ask to print any downloaded image as downloaded images usually have low pixels that get distorted after it is printed. So, always remember that the resolution of the image should be high if you want the sharp and quality printing to be done.
  1. Image format: It might be a possibility that the format in which you send an image might not be compatible with the printing machine of the printing press. So, try to keep the format of image in either eps or tif format. It is not recommended to print any high resolution print in JPG or GIF format as it may blur the image or shift the color in the print.
  1. Send your font along with the text: It is not always possible that font you have used for text is compatible at the printing press. So, it is advised to send the font you have used as a zip file. If you are not aware of how to send the font as a zip file, then don’t forget to mention the fonts you have used along with the document.
  1. Don’t color the smaller text: If there is any smaller text in your document, then avoid coloring it as it might not be possible for the reader to understand what you have written. So, always make sure that you color the text that is above or 12 point size.
  1. Writing text over the photographs: It is true that you can write the text over the photograph keeping the picture as the background, but do not forget to lighten the photograph as if it is not done so, then it might be difficult to understand the text written over the photograph.

If you want to get multi color printing done, then above-mentioned tips may assist you in getting quality printing done. If you are confused to choose the best printing company that offers the high resolution prints, then you need not worry as Popular Printers is one of the very renowned printing companies that offer the best and quality multi color printing services. So, what are you waiting for, avail the pocket-friendly printing services at Popular Printers, and become a beneficial.

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