Symptoms of a Damaged or Failing Thermostat

Thermostats are used in various areas and their function is to automatically regulate the temperature or activate a device when the temperature reaches a certain point. Thermostats just like other devices or appliances should be taken care of and should be serviced at specific intervals to ensure that they work properly for a long time and does not bring in heavy repairing expenditure suddenly. In spite of taking adequate maintenance steps for a thermostat, it might face problems at times. The article offers a checklist that helps you recognize the thermostat failure.

Symptoms That Indicate a Failed or Damaged Thermostat

  • If your thermostat is stuck in open condition, it indicates that the coolant is flowing continuously into the radiator that caused the engine to run cold.
  • Make sure that the engine is not overcooled because an overcooled engine does not function efficiently and creates further problems. It consumes more fuel and the emission increases, which is harmful too. Cool engines obstruct the functioning of the thermostat as does not allow the interior to get heated up and thus the basic function of the device is hindered.
  • When the thermostat gets stuck in the closed condition it stops the circulation of the coolant and blocks the flow to the radiator. Therefore, the engine gets overheated and the thermostat stops working. Overheated engines not only stop the thermostat’s function but because of overheating it may even catch fire and can breakdown.
  • Leakage of coolant is another symptom of damaged and failing thermostat.
  • A/C condenser fins gets clogged of a failing thermostat.
  • The fan belt breaks or slips if the thermostat is not working properly.
  • Cooling system passage gets clogged resulting in increasing heat in various parts of the devices.
  • Cooling fan motor if does not function properly, the thermostat function stuck sometimes while moving.
  • A faulty radiator cap causes malfunctioning of the thermostat.
  • Ignition time gets retarded and the timing is not proper due to which the heating of the device takes longer time and the heating is also not uniformed. This is another symptom of a failing or damaged thermostat.
  • A poorly functioning water pump leads to other problems like leakage and so on.
  • Note if the reading of the temperature gauge is very high or is changing erratically – this is an alarming sign!
  • Vehicle lurching will occur if the fluid level is changing erratically and will cause the vehicle to lurch backwards and forward while driving.

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