Kids’ Fashion: Skate & Snowboarding Trends

Kids are passionate about their style, and arguably more so when it comes to skate and snowboarding gear. Looking good is almost as important as being good at their chosen sport, so being on top of the newest fashion trends for kids is important.


Luckily, this list gives you everything you need to know about what’s in style for kids this year, as well as tips to keep them comfortable and safe on their boards. However, fitting all their gear in the closet may require some creative strategizing


  1. Skate Shoes

Skate shoes are back in for kids, even if they’re not avid skateboarders. The high tops are the “it” shoe, bringing back memories of the 80’s and 90’s, but they come with a fresher look this time around. More streamlined and less clunky, these skate shoes are ready for action. Plus, parents can feel good about this fashion choice: while kids are kickflipping and curb grinding, the extra fabric helps protect their ankles, while the sole traction prevents slipping. Next trick? The Frontside Bigspin.


  1. Shorts

For skate and snowboard fanatics, there’s nothing more important than a pair of quality shorts to help them perfect their moves. For hot days grinding it out in the skate park, kids need a pair of shorts that give them full range of motion but stay put. Cargo pants are always a good idea, and lately camo cargo pants are everywhere. Snowboarders know that powder hunting can get a little sweaty, so a pair of loose, flexible shorts under their snow pants is all they need. Look for a dry-fit fabric and an adjustable fit for maximum comfort.


  1. Snowboarding Gear

Serious powder surfing requires serious gear, and kids want to look the part out on the slopes. Kids snowboarding gear is trending towards bright and colourful (which, luckily, makes them easy to spot on the hills), with neon hues making a comeback. The top brands are featuring neon yellow, green, orange and blues in their lines with colour-blocked designs and printed accessories. Get your kid geared up in the latest snow fashion trends, and watch them shred those mountains like a pro.


  1. Tees

There’s nothing like a comfortable tee to get you through a long day of grinding the pavement and crushing the terrain park. This season’s trends are veering away from statement tees to bright, colourful patterned t-shirts. Camo, acid wash, ombre faded and colour blocking are all on trend and in high demand.


  1. Jacket

For cooler evenings in the skate park and warmer days on the slopes, a good, lightweight jacket is perfect for layering. Opt for something wind and rain-proof to keep your youngster dry and warm without overheating. A flexible fit will help ensure the jacket actually stays on, and not shoved in their backpack. Picking the right gear will let your little pro athlete worry less about looking good so that they can focus on sticking that landing.

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