Captivating And Eye-Catching Visual Trends In 2017

Captivating And Eye-Catching Visual Trends In 2017

Amidst all the tech jargon and political aspirations, there is one thing that brings calmness and serenity to your lives. Well, you seem to have made the right guess. It’s the captivating visuals creating an entirely new world of expressions, gestures, and feelings. Whether it is photography, branding, graphic designs, or colors, visual trends are changing human perceptions to a great extent.

It’s here that we come across some of the most crucial aspects. Visual designs are all about creativity, and creativity is linked with the human mind. Quite naturally, the surroundings, current scenarios, and socio-political aspects will leave considerable impacts on these design trends.

With 2016 coming to an end, it’s high time to think about these unique trends. Let’s breeze through the article and find out what’s in store for graphic designers and leading graphic design companies. Here we go!

Captivating And Eye-Catching Visual Trends In 2017

Societal norms

What’s identity? Now, that’s the question that has been doing the rounds for a long time. Building individual identities is what every branding expert strives to do. That’s an integral part of branding, and you simply can’t ignore this aspect.

The society and its people are struggling in this context. The way a particular brand presents itself is the manner in which it’s perceived. Conventional ideas are losing their importance, and stuff like moral policing and unnecessary sophistication are taking a backseat.

Search for new trends

So, what’s the new trend? Gone are the days when filtered emotions and expressions defined creativity. The present is all about raw humanity, unrestricted feelings, spontaneous emotions, and celebration of one’s own spirit.

On that note, we arrive at the threshold of this topic which aims to identify the role of these new thoughts, beliefs, and emotions in the visual design process.

Get started

When it comes to identifying visual trends in 2017, it’s highly imperative to identify the significant pointers. Here’s what 2017 has in store for you!

Color themes

Whether it’s a logo design project or branding endeavors, color schemes will always be an integral part of visual trends. The coming year will mark the emergence and prominence of the green hue. Green stands for the spirit of youthfulness, zesty attitudes, environmentalism, and reinvigoration. The color has a soothing and calming effect on individuals. The freshness and refreshing appeal of this particular color make it a clear winner.

Photography trends

When it comes to photography, the following year will have some of the most amazing possibilities. From confident and gritty women to candid expressions, raw, unfiltered, and natural expressions will rule photography trends in 2017. Here’s how!

  • Chivalrous women: Men won’t have all the fun, 2017 is the year for those uncompromising, courageous, and daring women out there. Women who embrace their dare-bare attitudes and wear it on their sleeves will be the inspirations for photographers.

  • Candid expressions: There’s nothing more beautiful and unique than the real you. The camera is in love with you and wants to capture natural moments. 2017 won’t judge you for making faces or having unkempt hair while being captured on camera. It’s the time for spontaneous movements, candid expressions, and raw emotions.

  • 90”s style: The 90’s nostalgia will continue to be popular. Flash photos, bright backgrounds, and Polaroid-like snapshots will rule the world of photography in 2017 too.

These are some of the unique and innovative trends that are expected to rule the visual design arena in the coming year. Creative thinkers, graphic designers, and branding experts will need to make the most of these trends.

Branding and graphic designs

As already stated, truth, reality, and raw emotions will prevail in the coming year. Whether it’s branding or stunning graphic designs, brand owners will strive hard to create realistic styles. Product packaging will involve the use of transparent materials that help customers take a sneak-peek into the product.

It’s not the packaging. Rather, it will be the real product that’s going to entice consumers. Most importantly, ingredients and manufacturing materials will find a place in the batch labels. Customers can breeze through these ingredients before purchasing the product.

Fashion and designs

Rawness, simplicity, and utility will also be the mantra for clothing brands. Sportswear, active-wear, and fuss-free clothing will turn out to be the need of the hour. Gaudy and overstated clothing will take a backseat. Simplistic designs, nude colors, and fuss-free drapes will rule the fashion world.

2017 will also witness the importance of waste cloth materials. With some of the leading brands manufacturing clothes from wastes, this trend is surely going to gain mileage.

Signing off

The graphic and visual design arena will promote and popularize these trends. If you are planning to create stunning brand designs and messages, associating with the leading graphic design company will be the best thing to do. Since they work in collaboration with creative designers, you will come across innovative graphic design services.

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