Treatment After Inspection – Termite Treatment Boca Raton, An Absolute Necessity

Treatment After Inspection – Termite Treatment Boca Raton, An Absolute Necessity

Once the preliminary inspection and examination for termite infestation is done, the next important step is to terminate termites. Why does this need to be done? Termites usually attack wood and feed on them as a group. As a result of which a large portion of wood in the household is lost to termites, which in turn cause structural damage to the buildings and furniture, if not tended to at an earlier stage. Essentially, Termite Inspection is followed by Termite Treatment Boca Raton so that the wood in the household and in the building mainframe can be safeguarded.

Typically, termite treatment takes less than 24 hours, but it also depends on the size of the area which is being treated for. Small houses take a short duration, from the start of inspection to treatment. To effectively get rid of termites, it is recommended that the inspection be carried out in a very standardized manner, by an experienced person. An person experienced in termite inspection and treatment will be able to finish both these processes effectively in a very short duration.

Types and Effect of Treatment

Termite treatment, most of the time includes a liquid which is used to ward off termites and kill termites as well. This is the most sought after treatment and the recommended one by many pest control agencies. Liquid treatment will be able to prevent termites from infestation for a few years. However, an Annual check up for termites must be done to ensure that termites have not made an entry back, into the home. The bait system of termite treatment works rather differently. Instead of chemicals being sprinkled on the soil or near potential termite infestation areas, baits are placed near the potential areas, which act as a trapping device. These baits are complicated to be placed and require a pest agency specialized at Termite Treatment Boca Raton. The bait system of treatment has a better effect than liquid treatment and works wonders for a decade. Although, this type of treatment is more effective, it also requires continuous annual checks, either by an agency or as advised by an agency to the individual property owner.

 It is an absolute necessity to maintain the property once the treatment is done. Regular checkups must be made to ensure that the surrounding does not attract termites and act as a breeding ground for termites. If regular checkups and annual maintenance is not done, the treatment which is done to last for years will only last for months and effort put into the treatment will become futile. Another way of looking at this is the money invested in termite treatment. If precautions are not taken, and regular maintenance is not done, the money invested in treatment will be only a waste and will not reap any benefits. In all, it is very important to inspect, treat and take precautions to reap benefits of the treatment. Going with the traditional measures may be recommended in some cases; however there is never a restriction about it.

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