Italian Tastes In Spain: TOP Restaurants For Pizza

What is your favorite dish? Do you like pizza? Everybody knows that Pizza came from Italy. Nevertheless, Spanish citizens consider this culinary masterwork true Spanish. They like pizza as they like their national dishes. The recipes are original. The most of them has strong Spanish accent. If you want to taste real Italian pizza, you do not need to go to Italy. You can easily find interesting Spanish restaurants and cafes to try pizza right here.

Why Do the Spanish Like Pizza?

You know that pizza is made of dough and different sorts of cheese. This is not a good combination for people, who want to lose weight. Nevertheless, you may choose ingredients and make your own useful pizza. Everything depends on ingredients and their quality. The problem of modern society is heart diseases. The level of cholesterol is the key factor for many tourists when they make decision about to eat one or another dish or not. Some do not eat pizza because of eggs or meat. The others do not like cheese. Everything is not as bad as you used to think.

Tuesday night dinner

Count your calories? Do not! You are not offered to eat pizza for breakfast and dinner. You can eat pizza when you want to be brave or active. What a good idea for Spanish travelling. Never forget about useful vegetables and seafood. It can be really difficult to make your kids eat vegetables. There are many situations when you have no time for dinner between two excursions. You can order pizza to your place, on the go or in the restaurant. So, even dieting tourists eat pizza.

You know, it is very important to eat pizza in the country that you are travelling through. The Spanish like pizza and cook it in special way. It tastes in Italian way. So, learn the list of popular Spanish restaurants where you can eat tasty Italian pizza.

Restaurant-Pizzeria Sale & Pepe, Alicante

The atmosphere is friendly and comfortable. This restaurant is the right place for family dinner. You can order BBQ pizza for 11.50 EUR, pasts with tasty souse with mussels for 12 EUR, beer or cappuccino. So, it is about 35-40 EUR for dinner. Alicante is a part of the country when you can try the tastiest pastry in the region. Spanish pastry is more pleasant than Italian. So, you can hire a car in Alicante to find interesting cafe or confectionary for Spanish buns. A lot of interesting places are waiting for you!

Restaurant Oleum, Barcelona

There is a National Art Museum in Barcelona. The restaurant that you are recommended to visit is important to visit for tourists to feel beauty of the city. The new recipes of Catalonian cuisine must be included in your To do list. The terrace of restaurant opens a beautiful view to Barcelona. The restaurant is decorated with frescos and wall paints. Pay attention to the big mirror in the ceiling. So, you can admire the restaurant interior from the mirror. The bill for one person is about 25 EUR.

Coca Cola in der Pizzeria O Sole Mio, Cala Ratjada

Restaurant Ca Joan, Alicante

It is time to come back to Alicante to taste something tasty not far from the beach. There is a cozy restaurant on the seaside. This is the first place in the province where you can try the tastiest pizza and ox meat. You can also try such dishes as Solomillo de buey, Chuleta de buey gallego and many other things. The bill for one person is about 30 EUR.

Restaurant Eslava

The restaurant is little but famous of its tasty food. The restaurant consists of 2 halls: snack bar and restaurant. It is always noisy in the bar. Looking for calm atmosphere, you can visit restaurant area. You are offered to try the best hot and spicy snacks in the city, wine and sangria. There is one big minus – the restaurant is always full of tourists.

Restaurant Casa Montana, Valencia

This specific restaurant looks like the ancient wine bar. The atmosphere is pleasant and cozy. This place is overcrowded with visitors. The wine list is impressive. You should order not only pizza, but ask for your waiter for the dish of the day. Valencia is a city where you can meet interesting restaurants and cafes at every step.

Vegetarian Pizza

Restaurant El Galpon, Росес

El Galpon is good family restaurant with the Italian and Argentinian dishes and democratic prices. The interior is classical: dozens of seats, orange walls, parquet floor and lot of tables. It is comfortable situated. So, you may use car or any kind of public transport, including taxi. This is a place of tasty food, attractive prices and friendly service. The menu consists of different sorts of pizza and drinks.

Gran Cafe Kahlua, Salou

The restaurant is situated in the seaside, not far from the beach. Gran Cafe is famous of its high quality dishes, attractive prices and good service. The restaurant is very popular for locals and tourists. The menu is mostly Mediterranean. The food is fresh and tasty. There is a space for young visitors, complex dinner, pizza, pasta, beefsteaks and many others. There is a terrace in the restaurant, where you can enjoy the tasty dinner and admirable view. It is not difficult to find this place – few minutes walking from the beach.

Dining Room

There is no sense to list all Spanish restaurants and cafes. Some like crispy pastry, unique souse, or virtuosic chef that cooks the best vegetarian pizza. Internet, social activities, special resources can help you to find your special place for dinner. Of course, it is better to do the search before your vacation. Remember that you have no time to make mistakes on the go. Try to ask people, read feedbacks and make a plan of your trip, including dinner.

What would you like to try in Spain? This cafe is good for paella and that beach restaurant is popular of its pizza and tasty exotic cocktails. Never forget that you can try Italian pizza in Spain, any time, at any city.

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