How To Get Rid Of Constipation Immediately And Naturally

How To Get Rid Of Constipation Immediately And Naturally

Constipation is a very common problem that affects at least 80% of people. Constipation can be caused by a diet low in fiber, thyroid disorders, certain medications, pregnancy, sedentary, stress and depression. Excess toxins in the body also can lead to constipation, dehydration, fatigue and headaches. According to the study at global marketing research agency. 14% of India’s population were found to be suffering from chronic constipation. Here are the best remedies for constipation.

Sesame seeds: This oil also helps the colon to aid in digestion, diet with this oil can help heart health by preventing atherosclerotic lesions. Add seeds to cereal or salads. This remedy has been used since ancient times by the Chinese people.

Fiber: Nutrition specialists warn that people who have a diet low in fiber are more prone to constipation. You should consume between 20 and 35 grams of fiber. Foods rich in fiber include cereals, beans, lentils, oatmeal, almonds, barley, fresh vegetables and fruits. If you are constipated and take fiber supplements, make sure you drink enough water, because hydration is very important.

An easy method of detoxification and treatment of constipation, drink 8 glasses of water daily, possibly with lemon, it will cleanse the body of toxins and help get rid of constipation.

Eat more fruits (peel), vegetables and salads. They are rich in fiber, needed to stimulate digestion and restore intestinal flora. Also, whole grains soy milk consumed at breakfast are also effective in treating constipation.

Consume dried figs, prunes and fresh figs and raisins, they are very effective when it comes to cure constipation. Plums contain a compound called Dihydroxyphenyl Isatin, which stimulates contractions of intestinal muscles and increases colon. It also contains sorbitol which has a laxative effect and accelerate intestinal transit.

Minerals, vitamins and enzymes contained vinegar apple cider, responsible for detoxifying the body. If you suffer from stomach problems and indigestion or other diseases, apple cider vinegar helps to get rid of feeling of discomfort. To combat these problems, mix two teaspoons of vinegar in a glass of water and drink the liquid before each meal. Cider vinegar promotes the development and renewal of intestinal flora, but also help to facilitate and stimulate digestion. You can drink 30 minutes before meals, and before bedtime.

Prunes: If you suffer from constipation, diet with prunes will cure your constipation. dried prunes contain 3.9 grams of fiber,  This is one of the old home remedy. You must also avoid foods like cheese, breads, potatoes and pork.

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