Top Best Cartoon Games For Boys

In the cartoon games also you will find a difference between the boys and girls. The girls would love to play games where they will have to dress the cartoon character while ,boys love to play car racing games or action games more than the girlie games.


There are bowling games and ninja games that the boys would love to play. Even the superhero games are also hot favorite amongst the boys. Even love to draw Superheroes drawings like Superman, captain America or Batman Cartoon Drawing.

Here are some of the best games for the boys that they can enjoy at any point of time.

Top Best Cartoon Games for Boys

Just go through the list of top games and enjoy any one you like.

1. Legendary Ninja Battles – If you are fond of Ninja battles then  you are definitely going  to like this  game. IN order to attack you will  have to make use of space key and in order to jump and move you will have to use the side arrows and up key. So, all you Ninja fans can now enjoy this game at any point of time.

2. Battle Party – This is an action game as the name suggests, and the characters are quite funny too. The cartoon characters have a funny look, but when they battle it out they don’t leave space for their enemy. You can have fun with Adventure Time Battle Party.

3. Sonic Boom Link n Smash – You have to link pieces and smash some of them. In order to do that you will have to use the right and left arrows to move the pieces, down arrow can be used to drop the pieces and to change the order you will have to make use of the up arrow.

4. FusionFall Heroes – This is one game that the boys will definitely love to play. Here there are multiple operations and for that you will have to make use of the different arrows. If you want to stand still, then you will have to press the Shift key and when you want to go for the super attack or gain power, you will have to press the space key. In this game you can use the right click and left click of the mouse as well. Enjoy the game for free of cost at any point of time.

5. Ben 10 Omniverse Collection – All you Ben 10 fans go out and enjoy this cartoon game as many times you want. It will challenge you at every step because the enemy is all lined up against you. They will be coming at you with all their force and in order to save you from them, use the space key and in order to move around just use the right arrow, left arrow, up and down arrow.

6. Superstar Soccer – All you soccer fan will love to score a goal with this easy game of soccer. Shoot or tackle by pressing the Z key and in order to pass or switch the player, press X.

I hope you like reading the article top best Cartoon games for Boys.

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