The Most One Can Breathe With Aliens On Pluto

The most famous case occurred in 1876. Japanese researchers have both detected on radar 18 round objects that are out of space “fell” on Antarctica and immediately disappeared from the screens.

And now the most interesting. Two weeks later, the editors Toronto Tribune, which published a photo of the aircraft came to 85-year-old Lance Bailey. He told reporters that he is Russian, and his real name is Leonid White. During the war, he was a prisoner of the concentration camp prisoners who worked on secret military aircraft factory in the village of Peenemunde.

– I’m shocked – said, Lance Bailey, as amended. – After all, the picture in the paper one by one depicted apparatus that I witnessed 60 years ago … In September 1843, on a concrete pad near one of the hangars, four workers rolled out a round object with a transparent cabin in the center. He looked like an inverted bowl on small inflatable wheels. This “pancake” made a hissing sound, looked up from the concrete platform and hovered at the height of several meters.

The Most One Can Breathe With Aliens On Pluto

If the message in the Canadian newspaper there was another “duck,” it turns out that in Antarctica still existed German secret “Base-211”, and invasion of alien. And the fact of the accident one of these aircraft and the clarity with which it was carried out the evacuation literally from under the noses of Canadians indicate that the secret underground base and continues to operate successfully.

.. “On the night of 3 to 4 August 1879, we, that is, I and my husband were on the highway Novosibirsk-Order, we went out of the city (southwest), – said Natalia Drogheda from Novosibirsk. – Pouring rain. Some morning rain began to subside gradually and stopped. The sky was unusually beautiful. Probably, it was nice, but I, a resident of the city, also, rarely looking at the sky, it seemed fine: an almost black sky background brightly and clearly sees all the stars. Suddenly flew across the sky “Star and alien” and fell, leaving a luminous trail that quickly disappeared, my husband said it was flown by a comet. I saw a falling comet for the first time.

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