The Benefits Of Weight Training – At A Glance

The Benefits Of Weight Training – At A Glance

The benefits of lifting are numerous. Although still a relatively new discipline in the Asian continent, this form of training is spreading across all continents and in every household. People are getting more and more aware about the benefits of weight training and resistance or strength training. It is a form of training that can benefit everyone from all possible age groups. Starting from youngster just entering into their puberty to middle aged and elderly people who have no inclination towards fitness what so ever. Weight training doesn’t only provide the physical stimulation that is lacking in everybody’s life nowadays but also provides the health benefits.

The Benefits Of Weight Training – At A Glance

Muscle Atrophy

Muscle atrophy is one of the major issues in people, especially after the age of forty, be it males or females. Weight training provides a solution for muscle atrophy by providing the stimulation that would help the brain build and maintain more muscle mass. The more weight you lift in a training session, there muscle your brain has to build in order to cope up with the added pressure on the central nervous system to lift that weight. This in turn results in added lean muscle mass to the body and a healthy overall physique.

Heart Health

Heart Health is major concern for people who have embraced the sedentary lifestyle. The sedentary lifestyle was not meant for humans. Our ancestors were hunters, fighter, travelers and constant practitioner of physical strength and feats. The modern day sedentary lifestyle has led to a major change in the health patterns of human beings, especially heart health. The hearth, like any other muscle requires stimulation. Weight training and strength training provide the stimulation in addition to other benefits like increase in levels of testosterone which is of key importance when it comes to heart health.


Stress is a free byproduct that comes along with the progressing work load these days. There’s no running away from it. Be it work, relationships, health issues, family matters, personal issues or  just fitness issues, stress is everywhere. What matters is how we manage it. Among various methods of managing this component, there is one that is hailed the most, that is, weight training. Yes! Weight training is one of the premium ways one can bust stress and make peace with it. Scientifically speaking, weight training provides with the release of hormones like oxytocin and other endorphins that not only enhance mood but improve our brain function and our increase our capacity to deal with tough situations.

Better in Bed

Studies have been conducted that have showed that people with better fitness levels have a better time in bed than people with lower ort mediocre levels of fitness. Fitness and weight training to be precise, improves the libido, that is, the sex drive in individuals, in addition to the increase in levels of testosterone, which is a key hormone in males responsible for primary sexual functions.

The next time you think about skipping gym or avoiding a gym membership, think twice!

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